0.3 -> 0.4

* Applied a patch by Ingo Herschmann which fixes a bug with unquoted

0.2 -> 0.3

* Added support for current Perl/Tk version.

0.1 -> 0.2

* Added multi-match mode which allows auto-completion on a per-word 
  base instead of the all-or-nothing auto-completion in regular mode.
* Added -sortcmd callback which can be used to sort the choices array
  instead of the default alphabetical sorting.
  This change also includes the new options "-autosort" and 
  "-sorttrigger" as well as the new method "resort()".
* Added the "-matchprefix" option which allows matching a choice like
  http://www.cpan.org by just typing www.cpan.org or cpan.org . See
  documentation for examples.
* Added the "-wraparound" option which influences the behavior of 
  using the cursor up/down keys when already at begin/end of the
  popup listbox. Also added two additional callbacks, "-bottomcmd"
  and "-topcmd", which are called if the user presses cursor-down
  while being already at bottom of the listbox, or presses
  cursor-up while being at the top entry already, respectively.

Please have a look at the documentation for details and examples.