2013-04-01  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh:
	rcs2log has been moved in /usr/share/cvs/contrib/rcs2log

	* PCSC.pm: Support Perl 5.16

	Remove the warning:
	defined(@array) is deprecated at /usr/lib/perl/5.16.3/Chipcard/PCSC.pm line 69.
		(Maybe you should just omit the defined()?)

	Thanks to Viliam Pucik for the bug report

2011-03-06  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.12

	* PCSC.xs: Also check for SVt_PVIV and not just SVt_IV.

	Fixes Debian bug #613722 "libpcsc-perl: GetStatusChange error after print"

	* PCSC.xs, PCSC.pm, test.pl: Use lines of less than 80 columns

2010-10-27  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh: compress using bzip2 instead of gzip

	* README: release 1.4.11

	* PCSCperl.h: SCardCancelTransaction() is no more present in pcsc-lite

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	SCardSetTimout is no more present in pcsc-lite > 1.6.4
	It was a pcsc-lite specific and deprecated function

2010-08-18  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSCperl.h:
	use SCARD_READERSTATE * instead of LPSCARD_READERSTATE since is not
	define in pcsc-lite < 1.6.3

	* README: release 1.4.10

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, README: Update copyright date

	* create_distrib.sh: Allow more than one digit in the version numbers

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	more defined in pcsc-lite >= 1.6.2

2010-06-30  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.9

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs: sort constants in alphabetical order

	* PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE is not specific to pcsc-lite but is also
	available on Windows

	* PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	SCARD_W_INSERTED_CARD is no more defined in pcsc-lite 1.6.0 and then
	pcsc-perl failed to build. It was an error code specific to pcsc-lite.

2010-01-03  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: fix spelling error

2009-09-23  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.8

	* Card/Card.pod: Correct 3 bugs signaled by podchecker

2009-09-06  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	PCSC.xs:853: warning: format ‘%d’ expects type ‘int’, but argument 2 has type ‘long unsigned int’

2008-09-28  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pod: example code for GetStatusChange()

2008-03-26  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm: type: prefered -> preferred

	* Card/Card.pm: update copyright date

	* Card/Card.pm: typo: prefered -> preferred

	* Card/Card.pod: typos

	* README: release 1.4.7

2008-03-12  author  <author@debian>

	* MANIFEST: remove removed files (merged)

	* Makefile_OSX.PL, Makefile_win.PL: merged in Makefile.PL

	merge all README.* in README

	* Makefile.PL: merge Makefile_win.PL and Makefile_OSX.PL

	* PCSC.pod: typos

	* PCSC.pod: typo

	* PCSC.pm: version 0.05

	* PCSC.pod, PCSCperl.h: update copyright date

	* PCSCperl.h:
	reorder the .h inclusion to have a default for Unix system

2007-03-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.6

	* PCSCperl.h: add support of GNU/FreeBSD

	Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for the patch (Debian bug #413618)

2007-03-02  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.5

	* MANIFEST: add Card/t/test.t

	* PCSC.xs:
	remove a const on the return type to avoid: PCSC.xs:244: warning: type
	qualifiers ignored on function return type

	* PCSCperl.h: For Linux
	to avoid using deprecated types

2007-02-05  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: remove some pcsc-lite specific constants

2006-12-09  author  <author@debian>

	* t/test.t:
	remove Chipcard::PCSC::Card tests since they are now done by Card/t/test.t

	* Card/t/test.t: new file. Copy from ../t/test.t

	* t/test.t, test.pl: use Test::More instead of ExtUtils::testlib

2006-10-10  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pm: remove a debug print command

2006-10-08  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pm: version 0.04

	* PCSC.pm:
	ascii_to_array(): check that an hex number is exactly two characters

2006-08-12  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.4

	* Card/Card.pm, examples/gsm_directory.pl, examples/test_iso_error.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, PCSC.pm, README.Unix, README.Windows, create_distrib.sh, test.pl:
	new $Id$ format

2006-05-30  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h: add support of extended APDU

2006-05-16  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.3

2006-05-04  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: use unsigned char for pbAtr[] to have "3B FA ..." instead of
	"3B FFFFFFFA ..."

	* t/test.t: update $Id$

	* Makefile_OSX.PL: update for Mac OS X Tiger

	* PCSC.xs:
	change some types and use some cast to make the code compile under Mac

	* PCSCperl.h: add some #include <> for Mac OS X

2004-08-06  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.2

	* PCSC.xs:
	allow to use SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0 | SCARD_PROTOCOL_T1 as the protocol

	* Card/Card.pm: typo: informatin -> information

2004-07-04  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.1

	use http://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/ as the pcsc-lite homepage

	* Makefile.PL, PCSCperl.h:
	back to use pcsclite.h instead of PCSC/pcsclite.h for __linux__ but now
	use `pkg-config --cflags libpcsclite` at compilation

2004-06-29  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm:
	ISO7816Error(): return an error if given $sw if not 5 chars long "xx xx"

	* Card/Card.pm:
	return (undef) if the protocol is not defined in Transmit. This happens
	if you change a T=0 card with a T=1 (or vice versa) and try to exchange
	an APDU without disconnecting first.

2004-06-25  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: add en empty line

	* PCSCperl.h: - use PCSC/pcsclite.h
	- replace LPCSTR by LPCTSTR

2004-05-30  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.4.0

	* PCSC.pm: ABI changed so change VERSION number

	* PCSCperl.h: - add support of new SCardControl() API through Control()
	- now loads libpcsclite.so.1 instead of libpcsclite.so.0

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.xs, test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	add support of new SCardControl() API

2004-04-02  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.3.1

	* PCSC.pod: document GetStatusChange()

	* test.pl: add demo code for GetStatusChange()

	* PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h:
	use dynamic table and avoid using the deprecated PCSCLITE_MAX_CHANNELS

2004-01-18  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod:
	Use regular expression "90 [10]0" instead of "90 [1,0]0"

	* Card/Card.pm:
	allow commands to be in the form "00A40100020100" instead of "00 A4 01 00 02 01 00"

2003-12-13  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.3.0

	* Card/Card.pod: add documentation for Control()

	* test.pl:
	simplify the sample code for Control() since array_to_ascii() now
	returns an empty string for an empty list

	* PCSC.pm: array_to_ascii() return an empty string for an empty list

	* test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Comment out the tests for Control since the result is any thing
	depending on the reader and driver.

2003-12-11  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	Windows PCSC has a different behavior and ATR and ReaderName buffers
	must not be set to NULL. Thanks to Andrew Kay for the patch.

	* MANIFEST: add Makefile_win.PL

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, test.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Add support for SCardControl with $out = $hContext->Control (\@in);

2003-12-10  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: some repaging.

	* Card/Card.pod: correct a typo

2003-12-09  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod:
	by default use T=0 | T=1 protocols instead of just T=0

	* PCSC.xs:
	Initalise ioRecvPci structure in Transmit(). Patch from Troy Curtiss.

	* PCSCperl.h: add #define PCSCLITE_MAX_CHANNELS for Windows plateforms

	* Makefile_win.PL: new file to support Windows platforms

2003-05-27  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.2.2

	Makefile_OSX.pl is renamed Makefile_OSX.PL since it was not a correct
	solution to avoid automatic use by Perl. We use PL_FILES instead.

	* Makefile_OSX.PL:
	use the new naming scheme and add PL_FILES line to avoid problems with
	the other Makefile.PL

	* Makefile.PL: add PL_FILES line to avoid problem with Makefile_OSX.PL

2003-05-25  author  <author@debian>

	* README.OSX: addapted comment to the updated Makefile_OSX.PL

	* Makefile_OSX.PL: remove #!/usr/bin/perl -w

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.pm:
	removed #!/usr/bin/perl as suggested by Ville Skyttä

	* PCSC.pm:
	add constant definition (thanks to Ville Skyttä for report and patch)

2003-05-24  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.2.1

	* MANIFEST: Card/test.pl removed

	* MANIFEST: test_iso_error.pl moved into examples

	* MANIFEST: files have moved

	* Card/Makefile.PL: new file to install Card/Card.*

	* Makefile.PL: moved files from Chipcard/ to .

	* test.pl:
	wait for ".. .." in TransmitWithCheck test since the SW will depend on
	the inserted card

	* Card/Card.pm: add a version number

	* Card/Card.pm: Chipcard::PCSC::Utils.pm no longer exists

2003-05-10  author  <author@debian>

	* MANIFEST, Card/Card.pm, Card/Utils.pm: Utils.pm merged into Card.pm

2003-05-09  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pod: example are now in typewriter text

	* Card/Card.pod: typos

	* MANIFEST: PCSC.pod moved from . to Chipcard/

	* README: release 1.2.0

	* MANIFEST: add Chipcard/PCSC/Utils.pm and test_iso_error.pl

	* create_distrib.sh: use 'mkdir -p' instead of just 'mkdir'

	* create_distrib.sh: make distclean only if Makefile exists

	* create_distrib.sh: make distclean before anything else

	* test.pl: add test support of TransmitWithCheck and

	* examples/test_iso_error.pl:
	small script to test output of Chipcard::PCSC::Card::ISO7816Error()

	* Card/Card.pod:
	add documentation for TransmitWithCheck() and ISO7816Error()

	* Card/Utils.pm:
	two new functions: TransmitWithCheck() and ISO7816Error()

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	cleanly exit if a second reader is not found

	* t/test.t: remove Log list

	* Card/Card.pm: some reformating

2003-05-06  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl, t/test.t, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, test.pl:
	naming scheme migration from PCSC to Chipcard::PCSC

2002-11-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.3

2002-08-29  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs: add a pTHX_ cast to make it work with Perl 5.8

	* PCSC.pm: add prototypes and contants definitions

2002-08-28  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.2

	* PCSCperl.h: link against libpcsclite.so.0 instead of libpcsclite.so

2002-05-16  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.xs:
	 Modified error handling to use warn() instead of the more destructive
	croak()... croak() only remains for blocking problems such as a missing

	 Implemented GetStatusChange and Cancel

	* PCSC.pm: Added support for GetStatusChange and Cancel

2002-03-07  author  <author@debian>

	* README: release 1.1.1

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs: use bold for commands
	changed -> into -E<gt> (reverse patch :-)

2002-03-06  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSCperl.h: comment unused variable declarations

	* Makefile.PL: add "-O2 -Wall" arguments

	* MANIFEST: add README file

	* README: release 1.1.0

	* README.Unix: removed release reference. See README instead

	* Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pod: complete reindentation

	* PCSC.xs: correct line wrap in licence text

2002-03-05  author  <author@debian>

	* README.Unix: Release 1.0.9

	* PCSC.pm, README.Unix: correctly test if a digit is hexa or not

	* Card/Card.pm: the minium APDU length is 4 bytes and not 5

2001-10-18  author  <author@debian>



	* README.Unix: Release 1.0.8

	* create_distrib.sh: format is foo-bar-x.y.z not foo-bar.x.y.z

	* create_distrib.sh: removed debian/ from the official archive

	* MANIFEST, README.Windows, remarks.txt:
	remarks.txt renamed README.Windows

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh:
	added some comments, remove exit used for debug

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh:
	compare the files in the directory with MANIFEST to check all the files
	will be included in the archive

2001-10-17  author  <author@debian>

	* create_distrib.sh:
	Added checks: directory name format, directory existance

2001-10-16  author  <author@debian>

	removed scriptor and gscriptor scripts (moved to pcsc-tools)

	* examples/readfile.script: removed

	* MANIFEST: removed create_distrib.sh from exported files

	* create_distrib.sh:
	added automatic creation of Changelog using rcs2log

	* README.Unix: quick install notes

	* MANIFEST, create_distrib.sh: *** empty log message ***

	* create_distrib.sh:
	create a nice package without Debian specific stuff and CVS directories

2001-10-10  author  <author@debian>

	* t/test.t: Initial check in

	* PCSC.pm:
	Added fake variable declarations/initialization to work with make test

2001-09-07  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: cosmetic chage in the header comment

2001-09-06  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: added CVS Id and Log fields

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: typos in comments

	* examples/gsm_directory.pl: Added a license

2001-09-05  author  <author@debian>

	* examples/gsm.script, examples/gsm_directory.pl:
	Added some GSM11.11 demo scripts to gscriptor/scriptor as well as a
	small example of how to use PCSC-perl to read the directory from your
	GSM card...

	* Card/Card.pm:
	Do not warn anymore when P3(len) is not related to the number of bytes
	to be transmitted after the APDU

	* test/single_reader.pl:
	Added -w flag to #!/usr/bin/perl and corrected some warnings

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	Added title and author name in the GPL licence

	* test/single_reader.pl: Added CVS Id and Log fields
	Added GPL licence

	* test/multiple_readers.pl:
	Added -w flag to /usr/bin/perl and corrected some warnings

	* test/multiple_readers.pl: Added CVS Id and Log fields
	Added GPL licence

	* test.pl: Added CVS Log and Id fields
	Added GPL licence

2001-09-04  author  <author@debian>

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	Now using the real double typed magical scalar $PCSC::errno to report
	errors instead of the old $! which was buggy.

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	updated the files so that they now use the 'new' package architecture
	i.e.: PCSC + PCSC::Card insteead of PCSC + PCSCCard...

	* PCSC.pm:
	tried to make the @EXPORT @ISA $VERSION variable use more standard (At
	least I hope so)

	* PCSC.pm:
	Fixed a bug in PCSC::ascii_to_array(). The returned array was global
	therefore, each call to the function was returning all the arrays since
	the object initialization.
	I now use 'use strict' to avoid such problems in the future but I do not
	know if I do it the proper way... I had to modify EXPORT and such to make
	it run

	* test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl:
	More cosmetic changes

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, test.pl:
	Applied a patch from somebody who apparently wants to stay anonymous.
	This patch includes mostly cosmetic changes and extra documentation about
	array_to_ascii() and ascii_to_array(). Thanks to this contributor for his
	help and time

2001-07-02  author  <author@debian>

	* PCSC.pod, test.pl:
	Made minor modifications (corrected some misspelled words in the doc and
	removed unnecessary commented code)

	* examples/readfile.script: Initial checkin

2001-06-12  author  <author@debian>

	* README.OSX: Small README about the OS X install.

	* Makefile_OSX.PL:
	Changed name tp .pl instead of .PL otherwise MakeMaker tries to run Makefile_OSX.PL

	* PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs:
	Modification for Mac OS X support (LOAD_LIB replaced by LOAD_LIB())

	* PCSCperl.h: Added support for MacOS X

2001-05-31  author  <author@debian>

	* Card/Card.pm, PCSC.pm: added hash-bang

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, remarks.txt, test.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, typemap:
	Initial import

	* Card/Card.pm, Card/Card.pod, Makefile.PL, PCSC.pm, PCSC.pod, PCSC.xs, PCSCperl.h, remarks.txt, test.pl, test/multiple_readers.pl, test/single_reader.pl, typemap:
	New file.