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Autocache revision history

0.004 - 2010-??-??

Modified build script to only run lru test if feature has been turned on.

Added FIFO eviction strategy.

Removed stats config options, we can use strategies for this.

Added Autocache::Logger.

0.003 - 2010-07-31

Removed distinction between strategies and stores. Stores are now a kind of

Split MemoryLRU store into seperate eviction stratgey that can be layered on
top of the existing Memory strategy.

Added request object to encapsulate information required to serve a request.

0.002 - 2010-07-27

Hide log4perl statements using Resurrector functionality

Modify requirements so that we can install without those required by
the MemoryLRU store

0.001 - 2010-07-24

Initial release.