Revision history for Perl extension XML::DTD.

0.01  2004-02-27
	- Original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X -n XML::DTD

0.02  2006-06-10
	- Significant changes to dtdto script, including addition of a
          validating XSLT generating capability, and a man page in POD

0.03  2006-07-01
	- Changed rule modifications in Makefile.PL to be less
	  sensitive to specific MakeMaker version (with the result
	  that dtdto script was broken for some MakeMaker versions).

0.04  2007-03-22
	- Fixed minor documentation errors.
	- Applied patch from Peter Lamb for ContentModel bugs.

0.05  2007-05-11
	- Incorporated a number of significant improvements (including
	  bug fixes, more robust parsing, fetching of external entities,
	  and improved entity substitution) from Peter Lamb.

0.06  2007-06-16
	- Some bug fixes, and improvements to dtdto HTML and DocBook

0.07  2008-03-14
	- Fixed bug in parsing of ATTLIST declaration with empty
	  string following CDATA.

0.08  2008-11-11
	- Synchronised package version with XML::DTD module version.

0.09  2010-05-15
	- Fixed some parsing problems causing the problem reported in 
 bug 57072.
        - In XSLT used by dtdto utility, fixed bug preventing display
          of ENTITY and ELEMENT definitions within INCLUDE sections.
	- Error handling is now via exceptions based on Error module.
        - Added debug flag to dtdto utility.
        - Improved documentation for a number of modules.

0.10  2010-11-06
	- Fixed some parsing problems in a DTD example reported by a
          user. One of these modifications addresses entity definitions 
          which violate the "Proper Group/PE Nesting" constraint (see
 but which 
          nevertheless seem to be accepted without error by some common 
          XML parsers, and are therefore now at least partially supported
          by XML::DTD.

0.11  2013-08-09
        - Improved excessively complicated and platform-dependent 
          Makefile.PL to address bug 85144. No changes to