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package Lingua::StopWords::EN;

use strict;
use warnings;

use utf8;

use Encode qw(encode);

use Exporter;
our @ISA = qw(Exporter);

our %EXPORT_TAGS = ( 'all' => [ qw( getStopWords ) ] );
our @EXPORT_OK   = ( @{ $EXPORT_TAGS{'all'} } );
our $VERSION     = 0.12;

sub getStopWords {
    if ( @_ and $_[0] eq 'UTF-8' ) {
        my %stoplist = map { ( $_, 1 ) } _stopwords();
        return \%stoplist;
    else {
        my %stoplist = map { ( encode("iso-8859-1", $_), 1 ) } _stopwords();
        return \%stoplist;

sub _stopwords {
    return qw(
            i me my myself we our ours ourselves you your yours yourself
            yourselves he him his himself she her hers herself it its
            itself they them their theirs themselves what which who whom
            this that these those am is are was were be been being have has
            had having do does did doing would should could ought i'm
            you're he's she's it's we're they're i've you've we've they've
            i'd you'd he'd she'd we'd they'd i'll you'll he'll she'll we'll
            they'll isn't aren't wasn't weren't hasn't haven't hadn't
            doesn't don't didn't won't wouldn't shan't shouldn't can't
            cannot couldn't mustn't let's that's who's what's here's
            there's when's where's why's how's a an the and but if or
            because as until while of at by for with about against between
            into through during before after above below to from up down in
            out on off over under again further then once here there when
            where why how all any both each few more most other some such
            no nor not only own same so than too very