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Michael Peters
HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML-like templating language
HTML::Template::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about HTML::Template
Changes for version 2.91
    • Feature: RT #18901 - Added new utf8 option to make it really simple to use UTF-8 encoded templates [Michael Peters]
    • Feature: RT #30586 - Added new open_mode option to allow for Perl IO layers to interact when using open() on the template files
  • Michael Peters
    • Bug Fix: RT #26456 - force_untaint can't work in Perl < 5.8.0
  • admin@photoresearchers.com
    • Bug Fix: RT #67663 - remove warning under Perl > 5.14.0 about using tied with a file handle without "*" [RENEEB, TODDR and Michael Peters]
    • Bug Fix: RT #35534 - Using the same loop multiple times with different vars will no longer cause an error if die_on_bad_params is set. [Ron Savage & Michael Peters]
    • Bug Fix: RT #38325 - Give a better error message if param() is set with a reference to a reference. [Mark Stosberg & Michael Peters]
    • Test Fix: RT #26103 - t/05-blind-cache.t no longer modifies the distribution during the tests but instead uses temp files [Jan Dubois and Michael Peters]
    • Test Fix: Tests that create and modify files now use temp files and file_cache_dir is always a temp directory [Michael Peters]
    • Doc Fix: Using more POD formatting [Michael Peters]
    • Doc Fix: RT #46244 - fix broken link to tutorial [Michael Peters]
    • Doc Fix: RT #60282 - fix various mispellings [Florian Ernst]
    • Doc Fix: RT #60283 - fix broken HTML example [Florian Ernst]
    • Doc Fix: RT #60284 - fix broken POD [Florian Ernst and Michael Peters]
    • Development: Moved development to GitHub (https://github.com/mpeters/html-template)
    • Development: Switched to using Dist::Zilla internally for release management
    • Development: Added Michael Peters as co-maintainer
  • moritz@faui2k3.org and Michael Peters
    • Feature: RT #38189 - Allow clean XML style tags "<tmpl_var foo />" to be used as well. [allard@byte.nl]
    • Feature: RT #46285 - Added support for lazily-evaluated coderefs for TMPL_LOOPs. [Justin DeVuyst and Michael Peters]
    • Feature: RT #64797 - Added new option die_on_missing_include (defaults to true) that allows users to turn off the behavior of dieing when an include can't be found [Zdenek Styblik and Michael Peters]
    • Feature: Add new cache_lazy_vars option so that the values from coderefs used for TMPL_VARs can be cached and the coderef not run multiple times

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