SWF::Header 0.01


This is a simple module that uses Yasuhiro Sasama's SWF::Bitstream to
pull descriptive information out of the header of a shockwave file. It 
is intended for quick and easy use where shockwave files are uploaded
or archived, and allows one to interrogate the file for the information
needed to display it.

In use, it is trivially simple:

  my $header_data = SWF::Header->read_file('/path/to/file.swf');

Gives you a hashref of all the header information. See the POD for 
slightly more detail.

This module is highly dependent on YSAS's SWF::Bitstream, and also on 
his SWF::Parser, of which it is a simplified version with a more 
friendly interface but to which it adds very little.

Any problems, contact will on wross@cpan.org.