Steve Bertrand

Changes for version 1.003

  • added Test::Perl::Critic tests
  • get_list() in t/00-load.t wasn't passing in the type param, which resulted in the default 'elite' type being used on each test iteration (fixes #1)
  • moved xt/ tests to t/
  • corrected code that was breaking new critic tests (fixes #2)
  • added _url() method which sets/fetches 'url' param for testing
  • added t/03-error test
  • changed tests that fail in t/02-fetch to properly skip
  • added t/04-filter tests
  • added t/05-timeout tests (closes #4; as invalid)
  • reduced timeout in t/04-filter, and wrapped in eval (closes #5)
  • added tests for _set_error() (closes #6)
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