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Ron Savage
export.as.csv.pl - Export the SQLite database as CSV
export.as.html.pl - Export the SQLite database as HTML
get.country.pages.pl - Get http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2.html & the 3-letter code page
get.fips.pages.pl - Get all country pages from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FIPS_region_codes_(A-C) etc.
get.statoids.pages.pl - Get all country pages from http://statoids.com/.
get.subcountry.page.pl - Get http://en.wikipedia.org.wiki.ISO_3166-2.$code2.html
get.subcountry.pages.pl - Get http://en.wikipedia.org.wiki.ISO_3166-2.$code2.html for all missing $code2
populate.countries.pl - Parse en.wikipedia.org.wiki.ISO_3166-2.html
populate.fips.codes.pl - Parse data/List_of_FIPS_region_codes_A-C.html etc
populate.subcountries.pl - Parse en.wikipedia.org.wiki.ISO_3166-2.$code2.html for all missing $code2
populate.subcountry.pl - Parse en.wikipedia.org.wiki.ISO_3166-2.$code2.html
report.statistics.pl - Report some stats about the SQLite database
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166 - Gently scrape Wikipedia for ISO3166-2 data
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database - The interface to www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Create - Create/drop tables in www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Download - Download various pages from Wikipedia
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Export - Export www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite as CSV and HTML
WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Import - Part of the interface to www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite
Changes for version 1.02
    • Make ISO3166.pm a UTF-8 file, to match its use of =encoding utf8.
    • Add scripts/test.nfc.pl.
    • In the FAQ, clarify use of NFC() rather than NFD().
    • Add scripts/get.statoids.pl in case we need their FIPS 10-4 codes one day.
    • Add scripts/get.fips.pages.pl and data/List_of_FIPS_region_codes_*.html.
    • Add scripts/populate.fips.pages.pl, data/wikipedia.fips.codes.txt and data/wikipedia.fips.mismatch.log.
    • Update the POD re the new files.
    • Update the pre-reqs.

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