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Jacob Helwig
WWW::StaticBlog::Compendium - Collection of all Authors, and Posts for a blog.
WWW::StaticBlog::Tag - Tags for posts.
www-staticblog - Generate a static site using WWW::StaticBlog
WWW::StaticBlog - Generate a set of static pages for a blog.
WWW::StaticBlog::Author - An Author of a Post.
WWW::StaticBlog::Post - A Post itself.
WWW::StaticBlog::Role::FileLoader - Role for loading all files from a directory.
WWW::StaticBlog::Role::Template - Role for interfacing WWW::StaticBlog with templating engines.
WWW::StaticBlog::Site - A WWW::StaticBlog site.
WWW::StaticBlog::Template::Toolkit - WWW::StaticBlog interface for Template::Toolkit
WWW::StaticBlog::Types - Moose types, and coercions for WWW::StaticBlog.
WWW::StaticBlog::Util - Collection of various utility methods.
Changes for version 0.02
    • Update tag pages to be tag/index.html, instead of tag.html
    • Update to use the latest beta version of Test::Mini.
    • Fix typo in POD
    • Ditch Dist::Zilla in favor of Module::Install and ShipIt
    • Add author only test for checking spelling in POD.
    • Add some documentation to the runner script.

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