Tom Wyant
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.031

  • Have installer scripts Build.PL and Makefile.PL notify of my intent to remove the 'install simbadc?' question and simply install it by default. The command-line options -y and -n will remain available. This is schedued for the first release after September 1 2014. Mark VO url query 'name' test TODO This started failing Feb 3 (returning '* alf Boo' rather than 'NAME Arcturus'). I found parameters that seem to influence the MAIN_iD returned by the text query, but not the VO query. So the test has been marked TODO, pending a response (if any) to the note I sent SIMBAD Feb 5 2014. Script-based queries seem unaffected.
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  • simbadc - Access the SIMBAD 4 astronomical database.