Author image Tom Wyant
and 4 contributors

Changes for version 0.12_02 - 2022-01-28

  • Add julian_deviation(). This is like gregorian_deviation(), but increments on March 1 Gregorian rather than March 1 Julian. Thanks to Christian Carey for suggesting this.
  • Tweak POD for from_epoch() and add, subtract. Fairly significantly in the latter case.

Changes for version 0.12_01 - 2022-01-19

  • Correct minimum perl to 5.008004 in metadata. This has always been the minimum functionally because DateTime requires 5.008004, but for some reason the Makefile.PL asked for 5.006002.
  • RT 140734 - Adding large durations. The problem here was that after doing a straight rata die addition, if the new date was on the other side of the reform date from the original date a correction would be applied so that (e.g., using the UK reform date) February 11 Julian would always be February 22 Gregorian, and vice versa. But this makes sense only when adding months or years. When adding days it introduces an error of a day for each year which is a leap year Julian but not Gregorian. The fix applies the adjustment only when adding months or years. Thanks to Christian Carey for finding this.


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