This directory contains sample code. The largest sample, of course, is
the pbtool script in the bin directory, which started out as an example,
but outgrew its beginnings. The examples currently available are:


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    This is the source for an Apple Script droplet which passes the full
    path names of any files dropped on it to a Perl script. To make this
    into an Apple Script application bundle, open the Script Editor (in
    /Applications/AppleScript until OS 10.10 Yosemite, where it became
    /Applications/Utilities/Script Editor). Then run eg/droplet onto the
    clipboard by (e.g.)

     $ pbcopy <eg/droplet

    Then paste the source into the Script Editor and save it as an
    application bundle. The Mac::Pasteboard::Droplet documentation gives
    the details on how to inject your Perl script into the application


    This script saves an image on the system clipboard to a file. The
    file name may be given on the command line; it defaults to
    'clipboard'. If there is a file name extension associated with the
    image's flavor, that extension is tacked onto the end of the file
    name. For example, if the clipboard contains flavor ''
    and this script is run, the output file will be 'clipboard.pict'
    unless the user specifies otherwise. If there is more than one image
    on the pasteboard, all will be dumped. If there is no image on the
    pasteboard, the script dies with a semi-appropriate message.