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Changes for version 0.019

  • Various corrections to perl_version_introduced(): \X is now 5.006 (was 5.000); \N{name} is now 5.006001 (was 5.006); \N{U+xxxx} is now 5.008 (was 5.006). The \C is now parsed as a PPIx::Regexp::Token::CharClass::Simple. It was previously considered a PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal. Ensure that \N{$foo} parses as a Unicode literal, not a quantified \N. The ordinal() method returns undef for this. Understand the /aa modifier, introduced with 5.13.10. Report perl_version_introduced() of 5.013010 for the new semantic modifiers when modifying the entire expression. Correct handling of interpolations like ${^foo} and $#{foo}.
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