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Represent a regular expression of some sort
Constants for the PPIx::Regexp system
Dump the results of parsing regular expressions
Base of the PPIx::Regexp hierarchy.
Assemble tokenizer output.
Represent a container
Represent a character range in a character class
Represent an unknown node.
Represent a structure.
Represent a parenthesized assertion
Represent an atomic script run group
Represent a branch reset group
Represent capture parentheses.
Represent a character class
Represent one of the code structures.
Represent a regular expression proper, or a substitution
Represent modifying parentheses
Represent a named capture
Represent curly bracket quantifiers
Represent a regexp character set
Represent the top-level regular expression
Represent the replacement in s///
Represent a script run group
Represent an independent subexpression
Represent a switch
Represent an unknown structure.
Basis for the PPIx::Regexp support classes
Base class for PPIx::Regexp tokens.
Represent a simple assertion.
Represent a back reference
Represent backtrack control.
Represent a character class
Represent a POSIX character class
Represent an unknown or unsupported POSIX character class
This class represents a simple character class
Represent a chunk of Perl embedded in a regular expression.
Represent a comment.
Represent the condition of a switch
Case and quote control.
Represent the delimiters of the regular expression
Represent a greediness qualifier.
Represent a grouping parenthesis type.
Represent a look ahead or look behind assertion
Represent an atomic script run specifier
Represent a branch reset specifier
Represent one of the embedded code indicators
Represent the modifiers in a modifier group.
Represent a script run specifier
Represent an independent subexpression marker
Represent the introducing characters for a switch
Represent an interpolation in the PPIx::Regexp package.
Represent a literal character
Represent modifiers.
Represent a token that does nothing.
Represent an operator.
Represent an atomic quantifier.
Represent a recursion
Represent a reference to a capture
Represent structural elements.
Represent an unknown token
Represent an unmatched right bracket
Represent whitespace
Tokenize a regular expression
Utility functions for PPIx::Regexp;