0.007_04	2016-02-19	T. R. Wyant
  Try to sanity-check KERNEL32 calls in non-Windows testing

0.007_03	2016-02-11	T. R. Wyant
  Add Makefile targets authortest, testcover.

  Revert "Code and documentation cleanup"

0.007_02	2016-02-10	T. R. Wyant
  Code and documentation cleanup.
    This is mostly white space and documentation, but I also switched
    completely over to unpacking arguments by array assignment rather
    than shift(), and ended up completely reworking the logic around
    ${^WIDE_SYSTEM_CALLS}, which it turns out was silently (or almost
    so) retracted in Perl 5.8.1.

0.007_01	2016-02-02	T. R. Wyant
  Correct xt/author/pod_coverage.t

  Convert to Test::More; split out t/file.t.

  Add machinery to test under non-Windows systems

0.007		2016-01-26	T. R. Wyant
  No changes since 0.006_02.

0.006_02	2016-01-19	T. R. Wyant
  Add ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter to xt/author/perlcriticrc

0.006_01	2016-01-18	T. R. Wyant
  Use 'our' for $VERSION, exporter symbols

  Have {Makefile,Build}.PL die unless MSWin32 or cygwin. There is a
    back door if environment variable AUTHOR_BUILD is true, so I can
    build a kit.

  Have t/basic.t skip if can't load Windows modules.

  Bring Changes file into compliance with Test::CPAN::Changes, and add
    test xt/author/changes.t to make sure it stays that way.

  Require Test::More 0.88 for building.

  Move the modification history into the Changes file.

  Update minimum Perl from 5.005 to 5.006002, since that is the minimum I
    have been able to actually build.

  Make the code as perlcritic-compliant as I think reasonable.

  Convert to CPAN-recommented license.

  Tweak t/basic.t to work under ReactOS.

0.006		2007-10-16	T. R. Wyant
  Re-layout kit, add POD tests.

0.005		2005-05-04	T. R. Wyant
  Assert FILE_FLAG_BACKUP_SEMANTICS when reading times, so that it works
    for directories under XP and 2003 server. Thanks to Leigh Power for
    pointing out the problem and suggesting the solution.
  Document FAT, and accomodate it in self-test.  Thanks again, Leigh.
  Centralize code to close handles on error.

0.004		2005-01-13	T. R. Wyant
  Close handles after use. Thanks to Chris Camejo for pointing out the
  Fix export tags to agree with docs.
  Tweak "BUGS" documentation.

0.003		2004-12-17	T. R. Wyant
  Correct time conversion.
  Modify test to not change own date.

0.002		2004-10-02	T. R. Wyant
  Correct MANIFEST and Makefile.PL dependencies.
  Tweak documentation. No code changes.

0.001		2004-05-13	T. R. Wyant
  Initial release