0.98   April 15, 2008

           Converted two-argument forms of open() to three-argument forms

           Modified some tests to reflect current state of test smokers,
           alterations to Makefile.PL

           Removed obsolete Wyrds from the official dist

    0.97   April 14, 2008

           Minor changes to Inputs and Form interaction to allow zero non-null
           values where they would normally be forbidden

           Security enhancement where any submitted data containing a string
           that can be interpreted as a Wyrd is dropped unless an exception is
           explicitly made for it in the initialization data passed to
           Apache::Wyrd::DBL by Apache::Wyrd::Handler.  This is to prevent
           user-submitted data from being executed if it is displayed on a page

           Setting the environment variables WYRD_USE_CGI and WYRD_USE_APR can
           be used to force the use of either CGI and CGI::Cookie or
           Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie as the underlying modules in the
           wrapper classes Apache::Wyrd::Request and Apache::Wyrd::Cookie

           Apache::Wyrd::Input & Apache::Wyrd::Input::Set more CSS and Java-
           Script friendly

           Apache::DBL now relies on DBI's connect_cached connection rather
           than doing its own caching

           Fixed a bug in Apache::Wyrd::Interfaces::Setter where interpolated
           variables were not being sorted in some _set_xxxx functions

           Fixed a bug in Apache::Wyrd::Interfaces::Setter where defined undef-
           equivalent but defined values were being interpreted as undefined

           Apache::Wyrd::Site::GDButton now accepts a template base-image gif
           or png

           Apache::Wyrd::Services::Auth now allows an authentication session
           to go ahead directly when the connection is on a secure port, with
           some limits on passed variables

           Apache::Wyrd::Services::Auth now passes through POST requests on
           "DECLINED".  This allows it to be used with non-wyrd applications

           Documentation changes

    0.96   May 1, 2007

           Apache::Wyrd::Site::IndexBot uses basefile for index date tracking

           Documentation audit changes

    0.95   April 30, 2007

           Module cleanup: removed some example & undocumented Wyrds from
           the core distribution: CSSGene, Site:EditablePage,
           Site::SearchResults, Site::WidgetControl.  Added missing Version
           Wyrd.  Consolidated Lattice Wyrds into single file

           Added View Wyrd for displaying contents of enclosing Wyrds

           Added a FileCacheTimeout to Apache::Wyrd::Services::FileCache

           Apache::Wyrd::Redirect can now use "href" conventions.  New
           normalize_href Apache::Wyrd::Services::SAK function for this

           Apache::Form & Apache::Wyrd::Input has more passthrough of valid
           attributes for their base tags (enctype, onkeydown, etc.)

           Wyrds now accept hyphen in the attribute-name as a valid
           character, to allow for compatibility with valid HTML
           attributes such as "accept-charset"

           Apache::Wyrd::Services::Index now feature-frozen and depreciated
           in favor of Apache::Wyrd::Services::MySQLIndex. This is due to
           locking and DB File corruption issues which could not be resolved

           Documentation changes

    0.94   October 22, 2006

           Indexer now requires perl 5.8 for Unicode support

           New interoperatable objects for building complex sites now
           available under Apache::Wyrd::Site::XXX

           New _cleanup method to complement the _setup method

           Lookup has new "nojoin" flag for formatted repeating queries

           New self_url method for DBL

           GIF support for Chart

           New Loop Wyrd for convenient iteration through SQL query results

           New View Wyrd as a data placemarker

           New PreAuth Handler Object for immediate (pre-denial) logons
           using Apache:::Wyrd::Site::Login Wyrds

           New MySQLIndex object to give Index a MySQL back-end

           Fixed bug where DBL was not passing its loglevel to newly created

           Closed an open-database bug when the Wyrd::Apache::Services::Index
           was using the "bigfile" option. More explicit untie-ing of databases

           Index more efficient in the re-indexing of data attribute under
           the "bigfile" option

           Index no longer considers "_" punctuation

           Index now supports concurrency and transactions options to
           support Sleepycat Berkeley DB CDS and TXN modes when version 4+
           of the library is used

           Fixed a bug where Apache::Wyrd::Form objects would not properly
           carry on a chain of forms spanning multiple pages

           Index bug removed: non-reverse-indexed indexes update properly

           Index lookups have optimization options, allowing more granular
           data retreival

           Form Inputs now handle enctype attributes

           Form Inputs now handle the triggers attribute correctly

           Checkbox and radio button opts now handle style attributes

           Checkbox sets now properly handle removing all checks if there is
           no "null" option

           Input Set objects now properly handle literal '0' values

           Using a different param from the input name now works properly on
           Input wyrds

           Escaped Form Inputs now also escape '<' and '>'

           Setter interface now supports a _template_hash method

           Limited support for internal redirects method via the
           abort_redirect method.  Apache::Wyrd::Request attempts to recover
           the CGI environment after explicit calls to Apache's
           internal_redirect method

           The mother interface can now act on any attribute of a Wyrd, not
           just _data

           Mother interface allows arbitrary child storage and loads the
           Apache::Wyrd::Interfaces::Setter module itself

           IP addresses can now be checked in Apache::Wyrd::Services::Auth
           and Apache::Wyrd::Interfaces::GetUser to prevent cookie-theft

           Changed conditional expression interpretation order to behave more
           intuitively in Apache::Wyrd::Interfaces::Setter. _set now preserves
           conditionals which may not be addressed by the current _set
           operation, while clear_set interprets these conditionals as false. 
           This allows better layering of _set-tings on the same argument

           SAK: file_attribute() now untaints the file path it generates
           sort_by_[i]key will reverse order on a key if the key is
           preceeded by a minus sign

           Documentation changes

    0.93   March 25, 2005

           New Wyrd: Apache::Wyrd::Services::Bot for defining a process
           to be invoked and monitoring that process from a browser

           Added post_process hook for Handler

           Replaced MD5 with SHA1 for all internal hashing because of
           UTF problems with Digest::MD5

           Index now defaults to using concurrency instead of locking in
           BerkeleyDB if version 4 or greater is installed

           Fixed fatal error in Index when exact matching whole phrases
           with a - or + qualifier

           Improvements to Index: "reversemaps" and "dirty" options for
           quicker updates, "bigfile" option for large pagesize
           secondary database for storing wholetext in a separate file,
           new tests

           Fixed bug where plain options passed to an Input::Set would
           be reversed between value and name

           Fixed bug where simple attributes composed entirely of
           non-word characters could cause parsing errors

           Fixed bug where Lookup would have a fatal error on the use of
           a joiner

           Handler now checks for a set content-type header before
           defaulting to text/html

           Fixed error reporting problem where unblessed references
           could be unintentionally treated as objects

           Documentation changes, additional debugging info

    0.92   January 13, 2005

           SearchParser operator precidence change to AND/OR/NOT/DIFF in
           that order

           Corrected malformed searches in SearchParser

           Changes to Makefile.PL: more checks, compensation for lib
           error in Apache::Test 1.19, better reporting of software

    0.91   January 9, 2005

           Fixed self_path bug where leading slashes were preserved in a

           Added removal of purged entries' IDs from Index objects.  Bug
           could allow purged entries to seem extant, but empty

           Fixed Makefile's dependency-test problems

    0.90   December 16, 2004

           Interfaces, standard methods for core modules are now frozen
           and should be considered stable

           Re-enabled custom responses.  Custom responses via
           Wyrd->abort() and/or DBL->set_response() will now be
           permanent features

           Wyrds can now use abort() to hand off the request to another

           Added global flag 'disable' to shut off a given Wyrd and all
           it's children

           Added file_path attribute, giving the absolute pathname
           of the file being served

           Minor bug fixes for increased reliability with Index objects
           and in SAK

           Documentation changes, spelling corrections

    0.87   October 31, 2004

           Added post-procesing hooks to SQLForm

           New sub for SAK

           Fixed a problem causing incorrect sorts on some Set Wyrds

           Returned handling of initial requests to Apache, and decline only
           non-text/html types

           Improved error reporting when a Wyrd mistakenly calls an
           undefined method

           Fixed occasional User object loading problems by explicitly checking
           %INC in GetUser interface

    0.86   (September 22, 2004)

           Minor change in Makefile.PL to allow non-blocking of
           automated processes

    0.85   (September 22, 2004)

           Wyrd Framework now works with CGI, not just libapreq/

           New Cookie object to work with either CGI or libapreq

           More interactive testing w/survey

           Added auto-preloading of values to SQL Forms

           Turned off debugging line in Apache::Wyrd which was
           accidentally left on

           No longer interpret null documents as a SERVER_ERROR

           SAK checks for Setter interface on callers to setter-required

    0.84   (September 3, 2004)

           Default behavior now for Text Datum objects is to trim

           Established minimum version dependency for XML::Dumper

           Put escaping of HTML entities in proper order for text-type
           inputs in Apache::Wyrd::Input

           Added hook methods to Datum Objects to allow translation of data
           from data store to browser and vice versa

           Abstracted template creation for Input Wyrds

           Fixed broken "rounding" value on Number Wyrds

           Wyrds with attributes of value "0" to be interpreted
           mathmatically rather than as undef

           Wyrds with attributes containing $, %, or @ longer interpret
           these as special variables under some conditions

           Documentation changes and code cleanup

    0.83   (August 19, 2004)

           New Wyrds: Automatic graphical charts from Query Wyrds
           (Apache::Wyrd::Chart) English-language Numbers
           (Apache::Wyrd::Number), File-size (Apache::Wyrd::FileSize), CGI
           dump (Apache::Wyrd::ShowParams)

           Documentation Changes

           Null-byte string termination in DB file bug in
           Apache::Wyrd::Services::Key/Auth/LoginServer fix

           Better handling of self_path function in Apache::Wyrd::Handler

           Apache::Wyrd::Services::FileCache object less strict for
           non-existent files

           Multiple queries in Apache::Wyrd::Lookup object (primarily to
           overcome sub-select limitations on some DBAs)

           More functions for Apache::Wyrd::Services::SAK

    0.82   (March 25, 2004)

           Documentation changes

           Fix in Apache::Wyrd::Services::Index for failed tests in libdb4+
           w/ perl 5.8+

    0.81   (March 18, 2004)

           Documentation/testing changes, March 18, 2004

    0.8    (March 17, 2004)

           First public beta