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  • Want - A generalisation of wantarray

Changes for version 0.26

  • There is a new experimental option in bleadperl under which one ought not to use the op_sibling field directly. Quoting from perlguts.pod:
    • “ Starting in version 5.21.2, perls built with the experimental define C<-DPERL_OP_PARENT> add an extra boolean flag for each op, C. When not set, this indicates that this is the last op in an C chain. This frees up the C field on the last sibling to point back to the parent op. Under this build, that field is also renamed C to reflect its joint role. The macro C wraps this special behaviour, and always returns NULL on the last sibling. With this build the C function can be used to find the parent of any op. Thus for forward compatibility, you should always use the C macro rather than accessing C directly. ”
    • Thanks to Reini Urban for the patch.