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  • Mike Raynham
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Web::Machine::Manual - Learn how to use Web::Machine
Web::Machine - A Perl port of Webmachine
Web::Machine::FSM - The State Machine runner
Web::Machine::FSM::States - The States for Web Machine
Web::Machine::I18N - The I18N support for HTTP information
Web::Machine::I18N::en - The English support for I18N-ed HTTP information
Web::Machine::Resource - A base resource class
Web::Machine::Util - General Utility module
Web::Machine::Util::BodyEncoding - Module to handle body encoding
Web::Machine::Util::ContentNegotiation - Module to handle content negotiation
Changes for version 0.15
    • MISC:
    • The Web::Machine class now accepts an addition parameter, request_class. This allows you to use a custom subclass of Plack::Request. (Mike Raynham)
    • Documented the request and response methods in Web::Machine::Resource. Requested by Olaf Alders.

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