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Michael Daum
WebService::Cmis - Perl interface to CMIS-compliant document management systems
WebService::Cmis::ACE - Representation of a cmis ACE object
WebService::Cmis::ACL - Representation of a cmis ACL object
WebService::Cmis::Agent - base class for all user agents
WebService::Cmis::Agent::BasicAuth - authenticate via HTTP basic auth
WebService::Cmis::Agent::CookieAuth - cookie-based authentication handler
WebService::Cmis::Agent::HeaderAuth - authenticate via HTTP headers
WebService::Cmis::Agent::TokenAuth - token-based authentication handler
WebService::Cmis::AtomEntry - Representation of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::AtomFeed - Representation of an Atom feed.
WebService::Cmis::AtomFeed::ChangeEntries - a set of CMIS ChangeEntry objects
WebService::Cmis::AtomFeed::Objects - a set of CMIS objects
WebService::Cmis::ChangeEntry - Representation of an entry in a change log feed
WebService::Cmis::Client - Transport layer
WebService::Cmis::Document - Representation of a cmis document
WebService::Cmis::Folder - Representation of a cmis folder
WebService::Cmis::Object - Representation of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Policy - Representation of a cmis policy
WebService::Cmis::Property - Representation of a property of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::Boolean - Representation of a propertyBoolean of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::DateTime - Representation of a propertyDateTime of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::Decimal - Representation of a propertyDecimal of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::Id - Representation of a propertyId of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::Integer - Representation of a propertyInteger of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Property::String - Representation of a propertyString of a cmis object
WebService::Cmis::Relationship - Representation of a cmis relationship
WebService::Cmis::Repository - Representation of a cmis repository

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