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Michael Greb
and 4 contributors
  • Neil Bowers
  • Stan Schwertly
  • mikegrb
  • trevorparker
WebService::Linode - Perl Interface to the Linode.com API.
WebService::Linode::Base - Perl Interface to the Linode.com API.
WebService::Linode::DNS - Deprecated Perl Interface to the Linode.com API DNS methods.
Changes for version 0.21
    • new avail_nodebalancers and linode_ip_setrdns methods
    • linode_disk_create now optionaly takes fromdistributionid, isreadonly, rootpass, and rootsshkey
    • linode_disk_createfromstackscript now optionally takes rootsshkey
    • paymentterm is now optional for nodebalancer_create

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