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Geoffrey Hoffman
WebService::TVRage - Perl extension for using TVRage's XML Service
WebService::TVRage::Episode - Object returned by WebService::TVRage::EpisodeList->getEpisode(), Contains a List of episodes for all seasons
WebService::TVRage::EpisodeList - Object returned by WebService::TVRage::EpisodeListRequest, Contains a List of episodes for all seasons
WebService::TVRage::EpisodeListRequest - Requests A List of Episodes for a show using TVRage's XML Service
WebService::TVRage::ShowList - Object returned by WebService::TVRage::ShowSearchRequest->search(), Contains a List of shows
WebService::TVRage::ShowSearchRequest - Requests A List of shows using TVRage's XML Service
Changes for version 0.11
    • Fixed issues with getNumEpsInSeason function. The offset was wrong, returning the count from the wrong season. Also fixed crash if there were no episodes in that season (now returns 0) - Geoffrey Hoffman <hoffy@hoffyland.com>

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