=head1 NAME

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::List::Combination - Combining Lists


  use Webservice::InterMine;

  my $service = Webservice::InterMine->get_service('www.flymine.org/query', token => $TOKEN);

  # Make a new list by combining two or more
  my $combined_list = $list + $combined_list;

  # Make a new list which is a clone of another list
  my $copy = $service->new_list($list, name => "Copy of my list");


=head2 Copying Lists

Lists can be copied within the same service by simply passing the list to copy from as the 
first parameter to C<new_list>. This makes a new list (with a default name if none is supplied)
with the same content as the original.

=head2 Combining Lists

Lists can be combined in several ways (see Recipe2 for more operations). One of these
is to join two or more lists together. This can be done in a number of ways:

  my $new_list = $listA + $listB; # Addition as union
  $new_list = $listA | $listB;    # Union as this or that
  $new_list = $listA + $query;    # OK to combine lists and queries.
  $new_list = $service->join_lists([$listA, $listB, $query], "Combination") # Use the service

The main benefit of using the service method is being able to supply a name
at creation time, rather than using the C<rename> method, as well as being able 
to supply as many lists and queries as you wish.

The syntax is much the same for the other operations, more details of which can be found in

=head2 Retrieving Results

Lists may be treated much like queries, and this is explored in more depth in 
Recipe3. Methods that work on queries and lists include:

  while (<$list>) { 
    # Iteration


The syntax for creating lists is the same for all the different 
content types, and many of the same operations that can be performed on 
queries can be performed on Lists as well.

=head1 AUTHOR

Alex Kalderimis C<dev@intermine.org>

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