Perl::Critic::Policy::CompileTime - Provide Perl::Critic support for hunting down compile-time side effects


Perl::Critic::Policy::CompileTime and PPIx::PerlCompiler: A dynamic duo for finding abberant code with bad compile-time side effects!


~$ cat ~/.perlcriticrc
include = CompileTime


Perl::Critic::Policy::CompileTime is a Perl::Critic module which allows one to quickly find code in a large codebase or installation which may not run the way one expects when compiled by the Perl compiler, B::C. With the help of the underlying code in PPIx::PerlCompiler, it does so by performing some rudimentary pattern matching against statements and subexpressions in specific instances.


PPIx::PerlCompiler provides the ability to check compile time code blocks, BEGIN, UNITCHECK, and CHECK, for code that may likely have system-wide side effects, or may perform I/O that may invalidate dependent state of compiled binaries when they run.

Perl::Critic::Policy::CompileTime issues severity level 40 advisories regarding the aforementioned features in Perl code. To use this module with Perl::Critic, simply add something like the following to your .perlcriticrc file:

include = CompileTime



Xan Tronix