Changes for version 0.010000

  • NEWS
    • Converted to Moose::Exception
      • IMPORTANT read the removal section
      • NEVER ever check for ->isa('Moose::Exception') because that's an implementation detail and the superclass may change in the future, check final classes or roles as documented instead (MST)
      • read the updated example in Business::CyberSource
    • Added support for American Express Electronic Verification information
    • Exception::Base - Some exception objects were renamed
      • CHECK YOUR EXCEPTION HANDLING, it's probably wrong now, sorry. This shouldn't change again, having external classes means supporting new classes will be easier, existing namespaces were awkward for external classes
    • MooseX::StrictConstructor
    • Path::Class
    • several undocumented aliases
    • trace, Moose::Exception has trace and this conflicted, renamed http_trace
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