• XML::Conf - a simple configuration module based on XML

Changes for version 0.06

  • Addressed issue with XML::Simple (dependency)
    • The report had the following error:
      • XMLin() requires either XML::SAX or XML::Parser at lib/XML/ line 30
    • The report was based on use of XML::Simple 2.18. I found this is the Changes file for XML::Simple:
      • 2.19_02 2012-06-19 20:33:53 Pacific/Auckland
        • Reinstate XML::SAX::Expat dependency
    • I have not been able to replicate the error using XML::Simple 2.20 and I do not want to dig into XML::Simple history so I am specifying a dependency to 2.20 (from 1.04)
  • Closing the issue