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Changes for version 0.721

  • Developer release (with PHRED's permission) to test changes
  • Refactored t/37-mod_xmlrpc.t to make the modules it uses optional, using Test::Requires. RT#91434
  • Specified required versions of XMLRPC::Lite and XMLRPC::Test. GH#4
  • Specified min perl version of 5.006 in Lite.pm and dist metadata
  • Fixed RT#98635 - skip the planned number of tests
  • Changed copyright to refer to XML::Parser::Lite rather than SOAP::Lite (XML::Parser::Lite was forked from SOAP::Lite - see 0.717 below). RT#92756
  • Set PREREQ_PM, TEST_REQUIRES, and CONFIGURE_REQUIRES depending on whether your version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker supports them.
  • Doc tweaks: improved abstract, first paragraph of DESCRIPTION and the SEE ALSO section.
  • Added license type 'perl' to dist metadata, to match the doc.
  • Updated this file (Changes) to follow CPAN::Changes::Spec
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