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Robin Smidsrød
dump_xml_structure - Dumps the XPath structure of an XML file
xpath_extract - Extracts the matches for the given XPath query from an XML file
XML::Rabbit - Consume XML with Moose and xpath queries
XML::Rabbit::Node - Node base class
XML::Rabbit::Role::Document - XML Document base class
XML::Rabbit::Role::Node - Base role for all nodes
XML::Rabbit::Root - Root class with sugar functions available
XML::Rabbit::RootNode - Root node base class
XML::Rabbit::Sugar - Sugar functions for easier declaration of xpath attributes
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPath - Base role for other xpath traits
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathObject - XML DOM object xpath extractor trait
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathObjectList - Multiple XML DOM object xpath extractor trait
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathObjectMap - Multiple XML DOM object xpath extractor trait
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathValue - Single value xpath extractor trait
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathValueList - Multiple value xpath extractor trait
XML::Rabbit::Trait::XPathValueMap - Multiple value xpath extractor trait
Changes for version 0.4.0
    • Fixed RT#90975 (reported by Upasana Shukla) Replaced deprecated Class::MOP::load_class() with Class::Load::load_class(). Module::Runtime::require_module() couldn't be used because of tests with package definitions in BEGIN blocks.

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