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Kip Hampton
XML::Schematron - Perl implementation of the Schematron.
XML::Schematron::LibXSLT - Perl extension for validating XML with XPath/XSLT expressions.
XML::Schematron::XPath - Perl extension for validating XML with XPath expressions.
XML::Schematron::Schema in lib/XML/Schematron/Schema.pm
XML::Schematron::SchemaReader in lib/XML/Schematron/SchemaReader.pm
XML::Schematron::Test in lib/XML/Schematron/Test.pm
XML::Schematron::XSLTProcessor in lib/XML/Schematron/XSLTProcessor.pm
Changes for version 1.09
    • Bugfix for modern Moose/Perl combos and native trait values. Thanks to Denise Mauldin for the catch.

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