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Harish T Madabushi
XML::Smart::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Tutorial - Tutorial and examples for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart - A smart, easy and powerful way to access or create XML from fiels, data and URLs.
XML::Smart::DTD - DTD parser for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Shared - Shared functions and variables for XML::Smart.
XML::Smart::Base64 in lib/XML/Smart/Base64.pm
XML::Smart::Data in lib/XML/Smart/Data.pm
XML::Smart::Entity in lib/XML/Smart/Entity.pm
XML::Smart::HTMLParser in lib/XML/Smart/HTMLParser.pm
XML::Smart::Parser in lib/XML/Smart/Parser.pm
XML::Smart::Tie in lib/XML/Smart/Tie.pm
XML::Smart::Tie::Array in lib/XML/Smart/Tie.pm
XML::Smart::Tie::Hash in lib/XML/Smart/Tie.pm
XML::Smart::TieScalar in lib/XML/Smart/Tie.pm
XML::Smart::Tree in lib/XML/Smart/Tree.pm
XML::Smart::XPath in lib/XML/Smart/XPath.pm
Changes for version 1.78
    • Fixed hash randomization bug Id:84929
    • lib/XML/Smart.pm: Formatting update, no changes to code.
    • lib/XML/Smart/Data.pm: Fixed hash randomization bug Id:84929
    • lib/XML/Smart/Tree.pm: Formatting update, no changes to code.
    • Updated the following files to reflect bug fix: t/base_tests.t t/base_tests_for_mem_leak.t t/base_tests_for_objcopy.t t/base_tests_multi_obj.t t/special_char_from_url.t
    • Added License to Makefile.PL
    • Fixed warnigns bug id:84006
    • Fixed pod errors.

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