version 1.49

 * comment only change, document the change from 1.47 better
   and create a commit in blead-perl which can be used to
   reference this issue from the bug report.

version 1.48

 * guard against hand-rolled UNIVERSAL::can() implementations
   which throw exceptions when we call $obj->can("((").

version 1.47, 1.47_02

  * Deal with overloading when is not use

  * Note 1.47_02 only existed for one commit in blead-perl,
    and in fact no 1.47 should ever see the wild.

version 1.47, 1.47_01

  * Do not die on trappable stack-not-refcounted bugs while
    serializing the stack.

  * Note 1.47_01 only existed for one commit in blead-perl,
    and in fact no 1.47 should ever see the wild.

version 1.46

  * avoid vivifying UNIVERSAL::isa:: in Carp

version 1.45

  * Optimize format_arg when arguments contain many references

version 1.43

  * fix problems introduced by the partial EBCDIC support from version

version 1.42

  * add some doc clue about what cluck does

  * avoid floating point overflow in test

version 1.41

  * add missing "<FH> chunk #" phrase to messages

version 1.40; 2016-03-10
  * Get arg_string.t to compile in perl v5.6
  * Add information for how to contribute to Carp.

version 1.39; 2016-03-06
  * bugfix: longmess() should return the error in scalar context

version 1.38; 2015-11-06
  * stable release of changes since v1.36

version 1.37_02; 2015-10-30
  * bugfix: remove unused from prereqs

version 1.37_01; 2015-10-25
  * improvements for working on older perls
  * bugfix: $Carp::MaxArgNums is no longer treated as if it was one larger

version 1.36; 2015-03-14
  * bugfix: don't hardcode a path in a test; breaks because of / vs. \
  * remove an unneeded $VERSION eval to match this release to bleadperl

version 1.35; 2015-03-14

  * improvements for working on non-ASCII platforms
  * bugfix: older perls have trouble stringifying the regexps in some tests
  * bugfix: precedence error in some tests
  * bugfix: on pre-5.14 perls, DEL was treated as a printable character
  * bugfix: ignore mismatched Carp and Carp::Heavy when it doesn't matter

version 1.3301; 2014-04-01

  * complete dependency list

version 1.33; 2014-03-24

  * in tests, remove unneeded (and undeclared) dependency on Test::More

version 1.32; 2013-09-03

  * bugfix: don't get confused by a deleted stash when generating
    stack trace

  * bugfix: don't vivify @CARP_NOT and @ISA in caller's namespace

  * bugfix: don't generate Unicode warnings on old perls when an argument
    in a stack trace contains a non-character codepoint

  * in stack traces, consistently quote string arguments

  * in stack traces, new hookable mechanism for formatting reference

  * document exportable subroutines longmess() and shortmess()

  * if Carp::Heavy gets loaded by a mismatched Carp (especially an
    older one that expects Carp::Heavy to do real work), give a useful
    error message

  * when truncating an argument list in a stack trace, don't format the
    arguments that got truncated

  * factor out non-vivifying subroutine lookup

  * regularise test for vivification of B::

  * in tests, avoid using package name "B" when not actually testing
    things relating to the B module

version 1.26; 2012-06-18

  * bugfix: get ", <fh> line 123" phrase from CORE::die, not allowing
    influence by any CORE::GLOBAL::die override, so that Carp can be
    used as part of a CORE::GLOBAL::die override

  * on VMS, skip some tests that rely on open3() which doesn't work
    there yet

version 1.25; 2012-02-16

  * bugfix: avoid failure to export to very old (Perl 5.6) versions of, which could occur due to circular dependency

  * bugfix: avoid vivifying "utf8" stash on Perl 5.6, which caused swash
    loading to fail in some situations

  * add dot to end of message from Carp, to match the formatting from

  * synch Carp::Heavy version number to Carp

version 1.24; 2012-02-02

  * add ", <fh> line 123" phrase to messages, to match core die

version 1.23; 2011-09-09

  * bugfix: make Carp::Heavy load Carp, as it used to prior to 1.22,
    for backward compatibility

  * avoid " in Carp.t test programs, which caused false failures on
    Win32 due to faulty system()

version 1.22; 2011-09-04

  * first CPAN release