package Carp::Heavy;

use Carp ();

our $VERSION = '1.50';
$VERSION =~ tr/_//d;

# Carp::Heavy was merged into Carp in version 1.12.  Any mismatched versions
# after this point are not significant and can be ignored.
if(($Carp::VERSION || 0) < 1.12) {
	my $cv = defined($Carp::VERSION) ? $Carp::VERSION : "undef";
	die "Version mismatch between Carp $cv ($INC{q(}) and Carp::Heavy $VERSION ($INC{q(Carp/}).  Did you alter \@INC after Carp was loaded?\n";


# Most of the machinery of Carp used to be here.
# It has been moved in now, but this placeholder remains for
# the benefit of modules that like to preload Carp::Heavy directly.
# This must load Carp, because some modules rely on the historical
# behaviour of Carp::Heavy loading Carp.