Revision history for Perl distribution PathTools.

- Fix t/abs2rel.t on 5.8.8 by changing mkpath call to be
  compatible with older File::Path

- No changes.

- Define NEED_croak_xs_usage, fixing usage of croak_xs_usage()
- [perl #132853] Add metadata (ABSTRACT, LICENSE, AUTHOR)
- [perl #132733] Skip cwd_enoent test on Cygwin
- [perl #132651] Avoid infinite recursion in _perl_abs_path()
- [ #114236] Compatibility with File::Path 2.06_04

- [perl #132648] Correct error returns from fast_abs_path()

- [perl #130818] Remove support for running PathTools on MacOS
  and EPOC

- Change strcmp into the easier to read strEQ

- avoid loading modules repeatedly at runtime
- replace 'use vars' by 'our'
- Switch to XSLoader from Dynaloader

- avoid warning from pre-5.8 code for detecting tainted values
- make taint.t detect that a pre-5.8 Perl supports tainting
- avoid a dynamic linking problem on Perl 5.6

3.67 - Mon Feb 27 09:33:04 EST 2017
- Add security usage note to File::Spec::no_upwards

3.66 - Sat Nov 19 10:30:19 MST 2016
- white space change so can compile under C++11

3.65 - Mon, 25 Jul 2016 23:15:33 -0700
- (perl #127384)(CVE-2016-1238)

3.64 - Tue May 24 10:00:19 MST 2016
- just minor pod changes to silence Pod::Checker

3.62 - Mon Jan 11 08:39:19 EST 2016
- ensure File::Spec::canonpath() preserves taint (CVE-2015-8607)

3.61 - Sun Dec 20 12:00:00 EST 2015 (bleadperl only release)
- improve performance of cwd on Win32 miniperl

3.60 - Wed Nov 18 21:28:01 EST 2015
- add File::Spec::AmigaOS -- and actually ship it, this time

3.59 - Fri Nov 13 18:38:01 EST 2015
- no changes since 5.58_01

3.58_01 - Mon Nov  9 17:35:28 EST 2015 - TRIAL RELEASE
- add File::Spec::AmigaOS
- fix INSTALLDIRS on post-5.10 perls

3.56_02 - Thu Jul 16 11:28:57 EDT 2015 - TRIAL RELEASE
- fix $VERSION in loaded modules

3.56_01 - Sat Jul 11 18:07:28 EDT 2015 - TRIAL RELEASE
- CPAN release of the PathTools included in perl v5.22.0
- support for z/OS sysplexed systems
- long-deprecated "fixpath" and "eliminate_macros" VMS functions removed
- avoid turning leading // into / on cygwin
- Force barename base to be a directory in File::Spec::VMS:abs2rel
- Revise Unix syntax detection File::Spec::VMS::abs2rel
- compiles on Android now
- fewer compiler warnings
- eliminate some runtime perl warnings, too

3.47 - Fri May 23 18:52:00 2014
- Improved Android support.
- File::Spec::Unix->tmpdir: Always return an absolute path
- File::Spec now has an XS version for performance.
- QNX and VMS portability
- tmpdir is updated when the environment changes.

3.40 - Wed Jan 16 07:30:00 2013
- Stop inadvertently skipping Spec.t on VMS. (Craig Berry)
- Rethink EFS in File::Spec::VMS. (Craig Berry)
- File::Spec::UNIX->abs2rel() gets it wrong with ".." components
  [perl #111510] (Volker Schatz)
- Add C define to remove taint support from perl (Steffen Mueller)
- Remove "register" declarations as they are no longer
  useful (Karl Williamson)
- Add test for fast_abs_path in LF dir
  [perl #115962] (Father Chrysostomos)
- Cwd::fast_abs_path's untaint should allow for multiline
  directories (Joel Berger)

3.39_01 - Tue Dec 20 08:30:00 2011
- [perl #51562] Problem & "solution" for building 5.10.0 with
  win32+mingw+dmake (kmx)
- Fix various compiler warnings from XS code (Zefram)
- Fix typos (spelling errors) (Peter J. Acklam)
- Remove Mac OS classic only tests from Cwd's Spec.t
  and special case code from Cwd's cwd.t (Nicholas Clark)
- Convert File::Spec's remaining tests to Test::More from Test
  (Nicholas Clark)
- dist/Cwd/lib/File/Spec/ Fix broken link (Karl Williamson)
- In Cwd::_win32_cwd() avoid a string eval when checking if we're
  miniperl (Nicholas Clark)
- Add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to Cwd (Nicholas Clark)
- In Cwd.xs on VMS, don't compile bsd_realpath() at all (Nicholas Clark)
- Merge the implementation of Cwd::{fastcwd,getcwd} using
  ALIAS (Nicholas Clark)
- In Cwd.xs, swap to defaulting to disabled prototypes (Nicholas Clark)
- Remove duplicate $VERSION handling code, made redundant
  in 3.28_01 (Nicholas Clark)
- In Cwd.xs, tidy the conditional code related to symlinks
  (Nicholas Clark)
- Keep verbatim pod within 80 cols (Father Chrysostomos)
- [RT #36079] Convert ` to ' in docs (Jim Keenan)
- [ #45885] File::Spec: Don’t use tainted tmpdir
  in 5.6 (Father Chrysostomos)

3.33 - Mon Sep 20 18:00:00 2010
- No functional changes since the previous release.
- Fixes POD links
  (part of core change2a6dc37471bea77f0c24fd1fe90c598a270c9968,
   Florian Ragwitz)

3.32 - Sun Sep 19 18:00:00 2010

- Promote to stable release.

3.31_03 - Fri Sep 17 20:00:00 2010

- Colon delimiter and escaped delimiters for File::Spec::VMS
  This is core change 61196b433b2b (Craig A. Berry)

3.31_02 - Fri Jul 23 20:00:00 2010

- Add TODO test for File::Spec->rel2abs() when under a symlink.
- Make catpath return an empty directory rather than the current
  directory if the directory name is empty.  This allows catpath
  to play nice with non-rooted logical names, as in
        catpath('sys$login:', '', '');
  (Craig A. Berry)
- Fix abs2rel bug in handling a Unix-style input.
  (Craig A. Berry)
- Assorted clarification and simplification of the documentation.
  (Craig A. Berry)

3.31 - Sun Nov  1 15:15:00 2009

- Do not pack a Build.PL to avoid a circular dependency involving
  ExtUtils::CBuilder (PathTools RT #50749)

3.30_02 - Tue Sep 29 08:17:00 2009

- Remove more special logic required for core perl.

3.30_01 - Mon Sep 21 14:39:00 2009

- Merge changes from core perl.
  (Mostly changes regarding the lib->ext migration)

3.30 - Sun May 10 10:55:00 2009

- Promote to stable release.

3.29_01 - Thu May  7 20:22:00 2009

- Minor fixes for QNX6. [Sean Boudreau]

- Update to support VMS in Unix compatible mode and/or file names using
  extended character sets. (RT #42154) [John Malmberg]

- VMS support for Unix and extended file specifications in File::Spec
  (RT #42153) [John Malmberg]

3.29 - Wed Oct 29 20:48:11 2008

- Promote to stable release.

3.28_03 - Mon Oct 27 22:12:11 2008

- In, pass the un-munged $VERSION to XSLoader/DynaLoader,
  otherwise development releases fail tests on Win32.

3.28_02 - Mon Oct 27 20:13:11 2008

 - Fixed some issues on QNX/NTO related to paths with double
   slashes. [Matt Kraai & Nicholas Clark]

3.28_01 - Fri Jul 25 21:18:11 2008

 - Fixed and clarified the behavior of splitpath() with a $no_file
   argument on VMS.  [Craig A. Berry, Peter Edwards]

 - Removed some function prototypes and other Perl::Critic violations.

 - canonpath() and catdir() and catfile() on Win32 now make an
   explicit (and unnecessary) copy of their arguments right away,
   because apparently if we don't, we sabotage all of Win32dom. [RT

 - The Makefile.PL now has 'use 5.005;' to explicitly show what
   minimum version of perl we support. [Spotted by Alexandr Ciornii]

3.2701 - Mon Feb 11 21:43:51 2008

 - Fixed an edge case for Win32 catdir('C:', 'foo') and catfile('C:',
   'foo.txt') (which the caller's not really supposed to do, that's
   what catpath() is for) that changed between versions.  Now we're
   back to the old behavior, which was to return C:\foo and C:\foo.txt .
   [Audrey Tang]

3.27 - Wed Jan 16 20:20:49 2008

 - If strlcpy() and strlcat() aren't available on the user's system,
   we now use ppport.h to provide them, so our C code works. [Steve

 - Upgraded to a newer version of ppport.h [Steve Peters]

3.26 - Sun Jan 13 21:59:20 2008

 - case_tolerant() on Cygwin will now avoid a painful death when
   Cygwin::mount_flags() isn't defined, as is the case for perl <
   5.10.  It will now just return 1, which is what it always did
   before it got so smart. [Spotted by Emanuele Zeppieri]

 - abs_path() on Unix(ish) platforms has been upgraded to a much later
   version of the underlying C code from BSD. [Michael Schwern]

3.2501 - Mon Dec 24 20:33:02 2007

 - Reimplemented abs_path() on VMS to use
   VMS::Filespec::vms_realpath() when it's available. [John E. Malmberg]

 - tmpdir() on Cygwin now also looks in $ENV{TMP} and $ENV{TEMP}.

 - case_tolerant() on Cygwin and Win32 now take an optional path
   argument, defaulting to the C drive, to check for case tolerance,
   because this fact can vary on different volumes.

 - File::Spec on Unix now uses Cwd::getcwd() rather than Cwd::cwd() to
   get the current directory because I guess someone on p5p thought it
   was more appropriate.

 - Added a large set of File::Spec tests for the Cygwin platform.

 - abs_path() now behaves correctly with symbolic links on VMS.

 - Someone fixed a couple of mysterious edge cases in VMS' canonpath()
   and splitdir().

3.25_01 - Sat Oct 13 21:13:57 2007

 - Major fixes on Win32, including a rewrite of catdir(), catfile(),
   and canonpath() in terms of a single body of code. [Heinrich Tegethoff]

 - For Win32 and Cygwin, case-tolerance can vary depending on the
   volume under scrutiny.  When Win32API::File is available, it will
   be employed to determine case-sensitivity of the given filesystem
   (C: by default), otherwise we still return the default of 1. [Reini

 - On Cygwin, we added $ENV{'TMP'} and $ENV{'TEMP'} to the list of
   possible places to look for tmpdir() return values. [Reini Urban]

 - Added lots more tests for Cygwin. [Reini Urban]

 - canonpath() with no arguments and canonpath(undef) now consistently
   return undef on all platforms. [Spotted by Peter John Edwards]

 - Fixed splitdir('') and splitdir(undef) and splitdir() to return an
   empty list on VMS and MacOS, like it does on other platforms.
   [Craig A. Berry]

 - All .pm files now have the same $VERSION number, rather than a
   hodgepodge of various numbers.

3.25 - Mon May 21 21:07:26 2007

 - Added a workaround for auto-vivication-of-function-args Perl bug
   (triggered by OS/2-specific code). [Ilya Zakharevich]

 - Sync with a bleadperl change: miniperl can no longer use Win32::*
   functions because it cannot load Win32.dll. [Jan Dubois]

 - We only need to load ppport.h when building outside the core, so we
   avoid using it when in the core.
3.24 - Sun Nov 19 22:52:49 2006

 - Fixed a bug in the $ENV{PWD}-updating of Cwd::chdir() when a
   dirhandle is passed in. [Steve Peters]

 - Add perl 5.005 to the list of requirements in the

 - Add ExtUtils::CBuilder to the list of build_requires in Build.PL.

 - Improved performance of canonpath() on Unix-ish platforms - on my
   OS X laptop it looks like it's about twice as fast. [Ruslan Zakirov]

3.23 - Wed Oct 11 12:11:25 2006

 - Yet more Win32 fixes (sigh... seems like I'm fighting a neverending
   waterbed...).  This time, fixed file_name_is_absolute() to know
   what it's doing when the path includes a volume but a relative
   path, like C:foo.txt .  This bug had impact in rel2abs() on Win32

3.22 - Mon Oct  9 21:50:52 2006

 - Fixed the t/crossplatform.t test on Win32 (and possibly other
   volume-aware platforms) now that rel2abs() always adds a drive
   letter. [Reported by several parties]

3.21 - Wed Oct  4 21:16:43 2006

 - Added a bunch of X<> tags to the File::Spec docs to help
   podindex. [Gabor Szabo]

 - On Win32, abs2rel('C:\one\two\t\foo', 't\bar') should return
   '..\foo' when the cwd is 'C:\one\two', but it wasn't noticing that
   the two relevant volumes were the same so it would return the full
   path 'C:\one\two\t\foo'.  This is fixed. [Spotted by Alexandr

 - On Win32, rel2abs() now always adds a volume (drive letter) if the
   given path doesn't have a volume (drive letter or UNC volume).
   Previously it could return a value that didn't have a volume if the
   input was a semi-absolute path like /foo/bar instead of a
   fully-absolute path like C:/foo/bar .

3.19  Tue Jul 11 22:40:26 CDT 2006

 - When abs2rel() is called with two relative paths
   (e.g. abs2rel('foo/bar/baz', 'foo/bar')) the resolution algorithm
   needlessly called cwd() (twice!) to turn both arguments into
   absolute paths.  Now it avoids the cwd() calls with a workaround,
   making a big efficiency win when abs2rel() is called
   repeatedly. [Brendan O'Dea]

 - Added a build-time dependency on ExtUtils::Install version 1.39
   when on Windows.  This is necessary because version 1.39 knows how
   to replace an in-use Cwd shared library, but previous versions
   don't. [Suggested by Adam Kennedy]

 - Fixed File::Spec::Win32->canonpath('foo/../bar'), which was
   returning \bar, and now properly returns just bar. [Spotted by
   Heinrich Tegethoff]

3.18  Thu Apr 27 22:01:38 CDT 2006

 - Fixed some problems on VMS in which a directory called "0" would be
   treated as a second-class citizen. [Peter (Stig) Edwards]

 - Added a couple of regression tests to make sure abs2rel('/foo/bar',
   '/') works as expected.  [Chia-liang Kao]

 - Added a couple of regression tests to make sure catdir('/',
   'foo/bar') works as expected.  [Mark Grimes]

3.17  Fri Mar  3 16:52:30 CST 2006

 - The Cygwin version of Cwd::cwd() will croak if given any arguments
   (which can happen if, for example, it's called as Cwd->cwd).  Since
   that croaking is bad, we now wrap the original cwd() in a
   subroutine that ignores its arguments.  We could skip this wrapping
   if a future version of perl changes cygwin.c's cwd() to not barf
   when fed an argument. [Jerry D. Hedden]

3.16  Mon Jan 30 20:48:41 CST 2006

 - Updated to version 3.06 of ppport.h, which provides backward
   compatibility XS layers for older perl versions.

 - Clarify in the docs for File::Spec's abs2rel() and rel2abs()
   methods that the cwd() function it discusses is
   Cwd::cwd(). [Spotted by Steven Lembark]

 - Apparently the version of File::Path that ships with perl 5.8.5
   (and perhaps others) calls Cwd::getcwd() with an argument (perhaps
   as a method?), which causes it to die with a prototyping error.
   We've eliminated the prototype by using the "(...)" arglist, since
   "PROTOTYPE: DISABLE" for the function didn't seem to work. [Spotted
   by Eamon Daly and others]

3.15  Tue Dec 27 14:17:39 CST 2005

 - The Cwd::getcwd() function on *nix is now a direct pass-through to
   the underlying getcwd() C library function when possible.  This is
   safer and faster than the previous implementation, which just did
   abs_path('.').  The pure-perl version has been kept for cases in
   which the XS version can't load, such as when running under
   miniperl. [Suggested by Nick Ing-Simmons]

 - When Cwd searches for a 'pwd' executable in the $PATH, we now stop
   after we find the first one rather than continuing the search.  We
   also avoid the $PATH search altogether when a 'pwd' was already
   found in a well-known and well-trusted location like /bin or
   /usr/bin. [Suggested by Nick Ing-Simmons]

 - On Win32 abs2rel($path, $base) was failing whenever $base is the
   root of a volume (such as C:\ or \\share\dir).  This has been
   fixed. [Reported by Bryan Daimler]

 - In abs2rel() on VMS, we've fixed handling of directory trees so
   that the test $file = File::Spec::VMS->abs2rel('[t1.t2.t3]file',
   '[t1.t2.t3]') returns 'file' instead of an empty string. [John
   E. Malmberg]

 - In canonpath() on VMS, '[]' was totally optimized away instead of
   just returning '[]'.  Now it's fixed. [John E. Malmberg]

3.14  Thu Nov 17 18:08:44 CST 2005

 - canonpath() has some logic in it that avoids collapsing a
   //double/slash at the beginning of a pathname on platforms where
   that means something special.  It used to check the value of $^O
   rather than the classname it was called as, which meant that
   calling File::Spec::Cygwin->canonpath() didn't act like cygwin
   unless you were actually *on* cygwin.  Now it does.

 - Fixed a major bug on Cygwin in which catdir() could sometimes
   create things that look like //network/paths in cases when it
   shouldn't (e.g. catdir("/", "foo", "bar")).

3.13  Tue Nov 15 23:50:37 CST 2005

 - Calling tmpdir() on Win32 had the unintended side-effect of storing
   some undef values in %INC for the TMPDIR, TEMP, and TMP entries if
   they didn't exist already.  This is probably a bug in perl itself
   (submitted as #37441 on, which we're now working
   around. [Thomas L. Shinnick]

 - Integrated a change from bleadperl - a certain #ifdef in Cwd.xs
   needs to apply to WIN32 but not WinCE. [Vadim Konovalov]

 - abs2rel() used to return the empty string when its two arguments
   were identical, which made no sense.  Now it returns
   curdir(). [Spotted by David Golden]

 - The Unix and Win32 implementations of abs2rel() have been unified.

3.12  Mon Oct  3 22:09:12 CDT 2005

 - Fixed a testing error on OS/2 in which a drive letter for the root
   directory was confusing things. [Ilya Zakharevich]

 - Integrated a patch from bleadperl for fixing path() on
   Win32. [Gisle Aas]

3.11  Sat Aug 27 20:12:55 CDT 2005

 - Fixed a couple of typos in the documentation for
   File::Spec::Mac. [Piotr Fusik]

3.10  Thu Aug 25 22:24:57 CDT 2005

 - eliminate_macros() and fixpath() in File::Spec::VMS are now
   deprecated, since they are MakeMaker-specific and now live inside
   MakeMaker. [Michael Schwern]

 - canonpath() on Win32 now collapses foo/.. (or foo\..) sections
   correctly, rather than doing the "misguided" work it was previously
   doing.  Note that canonpath() on Unix still does NOT collapse these
   sections, as doing so would be incorrect.  [Michael Schwern]

3.09  Tue Jun 14 20:36:50 CDT 2005

 - Added some block delimiters (brackets) in the Perl_getcwd_sv() XS
   function, which were necessary to separate the variable
   declarations from the statements when HAS_GETCWD is not
   defined. [Yves]

 - Apparently the _NT_cwd() routine is never defined externally like I
   thought it was, so I simplified the code around it.

 - When cwd() is implemented using the _backtick_pwd() function, it
   sometimes could create accidental undef entries in %ENV under perl
   5.6, because local($hash{key}) is somewhat broken.  This is now
   fixed with an appropriate workaround. [Neil Watkiss]

3.08  Sat May 28 10:10:29 CDT 2005

 - Fixed a test failure with fast_abs_path() on Windows - it was
   sensitive to the rootdir() change from version 3.07. [Steve Hay]

3.07  Fri May  6 07:46:45 CDT 2005

 - Fixed a bug in which the special perl variable $^O would become
   tainted under certain versions of perl. [Michael Schwern]

 - File::Spec->rootdir() was returning / on Win32.  Now it returns \ .
   [Michael Schwern]

 - We now avoid modifying @_ in tmpdir() when it's not strictly
   necessary, which reportedly provides a modest performance
   boost. [Richard Soderberg]

 - Made a couple of slight changes to the Win32 code so that it works
   (or works better) on Symbian OS phones.  [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

3.06  Wed Apr 13 20:47:26 CDT 2005
 (No changes in functionality)

 - Added a note to the canonpath() docs about why it doesn't collapse
   foo/../bar sections.

 - The internal-only function bsd_realpath() in the XS file now uses
   normal arg syntax instead of K&R syntax. [Nicholas Clark]

3.05  Mon Feb 28 07:22:58 CST 2005

 - Fixed a bug in fast_abs_path() on Win32 in which forward- and
   backward-slashes were confusing things. [demerphq]

 - Failure to load the XS code in Cwd is no longer a fatal error
   (though failure to compile it is still a fatal error in the build
   process).  This lets Cwd work under miniperl in the core. [Rafael

 - In the t/cwd.t test, don't enforce loading from blib/ if we're
   testing in the perl core. [Rafael Garcia-Suarez]

3.04  Sun Feb  6 17:27:38 CST 2005

 - For perls older than 5.006, the HAS_GETCWD symbol is not available,
   because it wasn't checked for in older Configure scripts when perl
   was built.  We therefore just ask the user whether the getcwd() C
   function is defined on their platform when their perl is old.
   Maybe in the future we'll try to automate this. [Reported by
   several parties]

 - Remove lib/ppport.h from the distribution, so that MakeMaker
   doesn't accidentally pick it up and install it as a lib
   file. [Jerry Hedden]

 - Fixed a testing error on VMS that occurred when a user had
   read-access to the root of the current volume. [Craig A. Berry]

3.03  Fri Jan 21 21:44:05 CST 2005

 - Fixed a testing error if the first file we find in the root
   directory is a symlink. [Blair Zajac]

 - Added a test to make sure is loaded from blib/ during
   testing, which seems to be an issue in some people's environments
   and makes it awfully hard to debug things on my end.

 - Skip the _perl_abs_path() tests on Cygwin - they don't usually
   pass, and this function isn't used there anyway, so I decided not
   to push it.  Let 'em use `cwd`.

3.02  Sun Jan  9 19:29:52 CST 2005

 - Fixed a bug in which Cwd::abs_path() called on a file in the root
   directory returned strange results. [Bob Luckin]

 - Straightened out the licensing details for the portion of the Cwd
   module that comes from BSD sources. [Hugo van der Sanden]

 - Removed the prototype from _perl_abs_path() and the XS version of
   abs_path(), since all they seemed to be doing was causing people
   grief, and since some platforms didn't have them anyway.

 - Fixed a testing bug in which sometimes the wrong version of Cwd
   (the version already installed on the user's machine) would get
   loaded instead of the one we're building & installing.

 - Sometimes getdcwd() returns a lower-case drive letter, so don't
   require an upper-case letter in t/win32.t. [Jan Dubois]

 - Fixed a memory leak in getdcwd() on win32. [Steve Hay]

 - Added a copy of ppport.h to the distribution to aid compilation on
   older versions of perl. [Suggested by Charlie Root]

 - Don't bother looking for a 'pwd' executable on MSWin32 - there
   won't be one, and looking for it can be extremely slow when lots of
   disks are mounted. [Several people, including Andrew Burke]

 - Eliminated a multi-argument form of open() that was causing a
   syntax error on older versions of perl. [Fixed by Michael Schwern]

 - The bug-fix changes for revision 0.90 of File::Spec somehow were
   lost when I merged it into the PathTools distribution.  They're
   restored now. [Craig A. Berry]

 - File::Spec->canonpath() will now reduce paths like '[d1.-]foo.dat'
   down to '[000000]foo.dat' instead of '[]foo.dat' or 'foo.dat'.
   This is in better accordance with the native filename syntax
   parser. [Craig A. Berry]

 - In order to remove a recursive dependency (PathTools -> Test-Simple
   -> Test-Harness -> PathTools), we now include a copy of Test::More in
   the distribution.  It is only used for testing, it won't be installed
   with the rest of the stuff.

 - Removed some 5.6-isms from Cwd in order to get it to build with
   older perls like 5.005.

 - abs_path() on Windows was trampling on $ENV{PWD} - fixed. [Spotted
   by Neil MacMullen]

 - Added licensing/copyright statements to the POD in each .pm
   file. [Spotted by Radoslaw Zielinski]

3.01  Mon Sep  6 22:28:06 CDT 2004

 - Removed an unnecessary and confusing dependency on File::Spec from
   the Makefile.PL and the Build.PL.

 - Added a 'NAME' entry to the Makefile.PL, because otherwise it won't
   even begin to work. [Reported by many]

3.00  Thu Sep  2 22:15:07 CDT 2004

 - Merged Cwd and File::Spec into a single PathTools distribution.
   This was done because the two modules use each other fairly
   extensively, and extracting the common stuff into another
   distribution was deemed nigh-impossible.  The code in revision 3.00
   of PathTools should be equivalent to the code in Cwd 2.21 and
   File::Spec 0.90.

Prior to revision 3.00, Cwd and File::Spec were maintained as two
separate distributions.  The revision history for Cwd is shown here.
The revision history for File::Spec is further below.

Cwd 2.21  Tue Aug 31 22:50:14 CDT 2004

 - Removed "NO_META" from the Makefile.PL, since I'm not building the
   distribution with MakeMaker anyway.  [Rohan Carly]

 - Only test _perl_abs_path() on platforms where it's expected to work
   (platforms with '/' as the directory separator). [Craig A. Berry]

Cwd 2.20  Thu Jul 22 08:23:53 CDT 2004

 - On some implementations of perl on Win32, a memory leak (or worse?)
   occurred when calling getdcwd().  This has been fixed. [PodMaster]

 - Added tests for getdcwd() on Win32.

 - Fixed a problem in the pure-perl implementation _perl_abs_path()
   that caused a fatal error when run on plain files. [Nicholas Clark]
   To exercise the appropriate test code on platforms that wouldn't
   otherwise use _perl_abs_path(), run the tests with $ENV{PERL_CORE}

Cwd 2.19  Thu Jul 15 08:32:18 CDT 2004

 - The abs_path($arg) fix from 2.18 didn't work for VMS, now it's
   fixed there. [Craig Berry]

Cwd 2.18  Thu Jun 24 08:22:57 CDT 2004

 - Fixed a problem in which abs_path($arg) on some platforms could
   only be called on directories, and died when called on files.  This
   was a problem in the pure-perl implementation _perl_abs_path().

 - Fixed fast_abs_path($arg) in the same way as abs_path($arg) above.

 - On Win32, a function getdcwd($vol) has been added, which gets the
   current working directory of the specified drive/volume.
   [Steve Hay]

 - Fixed a problem on perl 5.6.2 when built with the MULTIPLICITY
   compile-time flags. [Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes]

 - When looking for a `pwd` system command, we no longer assume the
   path separator is ':'.

 - On platforms where cwd() is implemented internally (like Win32),
   don't look for a `pwd` command externally.  This can greatly speed
   up load time.  [Stefan Scherer]

 - The pure-perl version of abs_path() now has the same prototype as
   the XS version (;$).

Cwd 2.17  Wed Mar 10 07:55:36 CST 2004

 - The change in 2.16 created a testing failure when tested from
   within a path that contains symlinks (for instance, /tmp ->

Cwd 2.16  Sat Mar  6 17:56:31 CST 2004

 - For VMS compatibility (and to conform to Cwd's documented
   interface), in the regression tests we now compare output results
   to an absolute path. [Craig A. Berry]

Cwd 2.15  Fri Jan 16 08:09:44 CST 2004

 - Fixed a problem on static perl builds - while creating
   Makefile.aperl, it was loading a mismatched version of Cwd from
   blib/ . [Reported by Blair Zajac]

Cwd 2.14  Thu Jan  8 18:51:08 CST 2004

 - We now use File::Spec->canonpath() and properly-escaped regular
   expressions when comparing paths in the regression tests.  This
   fixes some testing failures in 2.13 on non-Unix platforms.  No
   changes were made in the actual Cwd module code. [Steve Hay]

Cwd 2.13  Fri Jan  2 22:29:42 CST 2004

 - Changed a '//' comment to a '/* */' comment in the XS code, so that
   it'll compile properly under ANSI C rules. [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

 - Fixed a 1-character buffer overrun problem in the C code. [The BSD

Cwd 2.12  Fri Dec 19 17:04:52 CST 2003

 - Fixed a bug on Cygwin - the output of realpath() should have been
   tainted, but wasn't.  [Reported by Tom Wyant]

Cwd 2.10  Mon Dec 15 07:50:12 CST 2003

 (Note that this release was mistakenly packaged as version 2.11, even
 though it had an internal $VERSION variable of 2.10.  Not sure how
 THAT happened...)

 - There was a dependency in the Makefile.PL on Module::Build, which
   isn't necessary.  I've removed it.

Cwd 2.09  Thu Dec 11 20:30:58 CST 2003

 - The module should now build & install using version 5.6 of perl.

 - We now note a build-time dependency on version 0.19 of
   Module::Build, which is necessary because we don't use the standard
   lib/-based file layout.  No version of Module::Build is required if
   you use the Makefile.PL, just if you use the Build.PL .

 - Removed some gratuitous uses of 5.6-isms like our(), with the aim
   of backporting this module to perl 5.005.

 - Simplified all code that autoloads and calls

 - Removed some redundant OS/2 code at the suggestion of Michael
   Schwern and Ilya Zakharevich.

 - Make sure the correct version of is loaded in the regression
   tests. [Sam Vilain]

Cwd 2.08  Wed Oct 15 20:56 CDT 2003

  - Code extracted from perl 5.8.1 and packaged as a separate CPAN
    release by Ken Williams.

Prior to revision 3.00, Cwd and File::Spec were maintained as two
separate distributions.  The revision history for File::Spec is shown
here.  The revision history for Cwd is above.

File::Spec 0.90  Tue Aug 31 22:34:50 CDT 2004

 - On VMS, directories use vmspath() and files use vmsify(), so
   rel2abs() has to use some 'educated guessing' when dealing with
   paths containing slashes.  [Craig A. Berry]

File::Spec 0.89  Sun Aug 29 19:02:32 CDT 2004

 - Fixed some pathological cases on VMS which broke canonpath() and
   splitdir().  [Richard Levitte and Craig A. Berry]

 - Fixed rel2abs() on VMS when passed a unix-style relative
   path. [Craig A. Berry]

File::Spec 0.88  Thu Jul 22 23:14:32 CDT 2004

 - rel2abs() on Win32 will now use the new Cwd::getdcwd() function, so
   that things like rel2abs('D:foo.txt') work properly when the
   current drive isn't 'D'. This requires Cwd version 2.18.  
   [Steve Hay]

 - Got rid of a redundant double-backslash in a character
   class. [Alexander Farber]

 - Added much markup to pod for enhanced readability. [Andy Lester]

File::Spec 0.87  Fri Dec 19 08:03:28 CST 2003

 - With a one-line change in the tests, backported to perl 5.004.
   [Issue reported by Barry Kemble]

File::Spec 0.86  Fri Sep 26 10:07:39 CDT 2003

 - This is the version released with perl 5.8.1.  It is identical to
   the code in the File::Spec beta 0.85_03.

File::Spec 0.85_03  Mon Sep 15 09:35:53 CDT 2003

 - On VMS, if catpath() receives volume specifiers in both its first
   two arguments, it will now use the volume in the first argument
   only.  Previously it returned a non-syntactical result which
   included both volumes.  This change is the same in spirit to the
   catpath() MacOS change from version 0.85_02.

 - Fixed an abs2rel() bug on VMS - previously
   abs2rel('[t1.t2.t3]file','[t1.t2]') returned '[t3]file', now it
   properly returns '[.t3]file'.

File::Spec 0.85_02  Fri Sep 12 17:11:13 CDT 2003

 - abs2rel() now behaves more consistently across platforms with the
   notion of a volume.  If the volumes of the first and second
   argument (the second argument may be implicit) do not agree, we do
   not attempt to reconcile the paths, and simply return the first
   argument.  Previously the volume of the second argument was
   (usually) ignored, resulting in sometimes-garbage output.

 - catpath() on MacOS now looks for a volume element (i.e. "Macintosh HD:")
   in its first argument, and then its second argument.  The first
   volume found will be used, and if none is found, none will be used.

 - Fixed a problem in abs2rel() on Win32 in which the volume of the
   current working directory would get added to the second argument if
   none was specified.  This might have been somewhat helpful, but it
   was contrary to the documented behavior.  For example,
   abs2rel('C:/foo/bar', '/foo') used to return 'bar', now it returns
   'C:/foo/bar' because there's no guarantee /foo is actually C:/foo .

 - catdir('/', '../') on OS2 previously erroneously returned '//..',
   and now it returns '/'.

File::Spec 0.85_01  Thu Sep 11 16:18:54 CDT 2003

 Working toward 0.86, the version that will be released with perl 5.8.1.

 - The t/rel2abs2rel.t test now is a little friendlier about emitting
   its diagnostic debugging output. [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

 - We now only require() Cwd when it's needed, on demand. [Michael
   Schwern, Tels]

 - Fixed some POD errors and redundancies in and
   [Michael Schwern]

 - The internal method cwd() has been renamed to _cwd(), since it was
   never meant for public use. [Michael Schwern]

 - Several methods in File::Spec::Unix that just return constant
   strings have been sped up.  catdir() has also been sped up there.

 - Several canonpath() and catdir() bugs on Win32 have been fixed, and
   tests added for them:
      catdir('/', '../')   -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      catdir('/', '..\\')  -> '\\      (was '')
      canonpath('\\../')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('\\..\\')  -> '\\'     (was '')
      canonpath('/../')    -> '\\'     (was '\..')
      canonpath('/..\\')   -> '\\'     (was '')
      catdir('\\', 'foo')  -> '\foo'   (was '\\foo')

 - catpath($volume, $dirs, $file) on Mac OS now ignores any volume
   that might be part of $dirs, enabling catpath($volume,
   catdir(rootdir(), 'foo'), '') to work portably across platforms.

File::Spec 0.85  Tue Jul 22 11:31 CDT 2003

 A bug-fix release relative to 0.84.  I've forked development into a
 "stable" branch (this one) and a more aggressive branch (as yet
 unreleased), with an eye toward getting the stable features in perl

 - File::Spec::Mac->case_tolerant() returned 0 when it should have
   returned 1.

 - Many cases in File::Spec::Win32->abs2rel() were broken, because of
   the way in which volumes were/weren't ignored.  Unfortunately, part
   of the regression tests were broken too.  Now, if the $path
   argument to abs2rel() is on a different volume than the $base
   argument, the result will be an absolute path rather than the
   broken relative path previous versions returned.

 - Fixed a problem in File::Spec::Win32->canonpath, which was turning
   \../foo into "foo" rather than \foo

 - Greatly simplified the code in File::Spec::Unix->splitdir().

File::Spec 0.84_01  Fri Jul 11 16:14:29 CDT 2003

 No actual code changes, just changes in other distribution files

 - Dependencies are now listed explicitly in the Makefile.PL and
   Build.PL scripts, as well as in the META.yml file.

 - The t/abs2rel2abs.t test should now be more friendly about skipping
   on platforms where it can't run properly.

File::Spec 0.84  Wed Jul  9 22:21:23 CDT 2003

 I (Ken)'ve taken the changes from bleadperl and created a new CPAN release
 from them, since they're pretty important changes.  The highlights,
 from what I can tell, are listed here.

 - A huge number of changes to File::Spec::Mac in order to bring it in
   line with the other platforms.  This work was mostly/completely
   done by Thomas Wegner.

 - The Epoc and Cygwin platforms are now supported.

 - Lots of generically-applicable documentation has been taken from
   File::Spec::Unix and put in File::Spec.

 - A Build.PL has been provided for people who wish to install via

 - Some spurious warnings and errors in the tests have been
   eliminated. [Michael Schwern]

 - canonpath() on File::Spec::Unix now honors a //node-name at the
   beginning of a path.

 - wasn't being loaded properly on MacOS. [Chris Nandor]

 - Various POD fixups

 - Several testing patches for the Epoc and Cygwin platforms [Tels]

 - When running under taint mode and perl >= 5.8, all the tmpdir()
   implementations now avoid returning a tainted path.

 - File::Spec::OS2 now implements canonpath(), splitpath(),
   splitdir(), catpath(), abs2rel(), and rel2abs() directly rather
   than inheriting them from File::Spec::Unix.

 - Added 'SYS:/temp' and 'C:/temp' to the list of possible tmpdir()s
   on Win32.

 - catfile() on Win32 and VMS will now automatically call canonpath()
   on its final argument.

 - canonpath() on Win32 now does a much more extensive cleanup of the

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now defaults to using cwd() as the base of
   relativity when no base is given.

 - abs2rel() on Win32 now explicitly ignores any volume component in
   the $path argument.

 - canonpath() on VMS now does []foo ==> foo, and foo.000000] ==> foo].
   It also fixes a bug in multiple [ ==> [foo translations.

 - tmpdir() on VMS now uses 'sys$scratch:' instead of 'sys$scratch'.

 - abs2rel() on VMS now uses '000000' in both the path and the base.

File::Spec 0.82 Wed Jun 28 11:24:05 EDT 2000
   - file_name_is_absolute( '' ) now returns TRUE on all platforms
   - unbreak C<$VERSION = '0.xx'> to be C<$VERSION = 0.xx>, so
     underscores can be used when I want to update CPAN without anyone
     needing to update the perl repository.
   - abs2rel, rel2abs doc tweaks
   - get $path =~ /\s/ checks from perl repository.
   - Makefile.PL: added INSTALLDIRS => 'perl', since these are std. modules.
   - Remove vestigial context prototypes from &rel2abs until some future
     arrives where method prototypes are honored.