Errno 1.10 -- Wed Dec 27 08:20:29 CST 2006

 * Update with all changes made to core perl repository

Change 171 on 2000-09-12 by <> (Calle Dybedahl)

	- Fixed filename-extracting regexp to allow whitespace between
	  "#" and "line", which the cpp on Unicos 9 produces.

Change 170 on 1998/07/05 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Fixed three problems reported by Hans Mulder for NeXT
	- Errno_pm.PL does not recognize #define lines because they have
	  whitespace before the '#'.  ANSI does not allow that in portable
	  code; that didn't stop the author of NeXT's <errno.h>.
	- Cpp output lines look like this:	#1 "errno.c"
	  Errno_pm.PL does not recognize that format; it wants whitespace
	  before the line number.
	- Cpp does a syntax check on files with names ending in ".c"; it
	  reports fatal errors on input lines like:	"ENOSYS" [[ENOSYS]]
	  Workaround: use $Config{cppstdin}, like Errno 1.04 did.

Change 160 on 1998/06/27 by <> (Graham Barr)

	- Added patch from Sarathy to support Win32
	- Changed use of $Config{cpp} to $Config{cpprun} as suggested by
	  Tom Horsley

Change 159 on 1998/06/27 by <> (Graham Barr)

	- Changed to use cpp to locate required files
	- Moved dummy file into d/
	- Added support for VMS

Change 158 on 1998/06/27 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Rename to Errno_pm.PL

Change 146 on 1998/05/31 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Added ChangeLog to MANIFEST

Change 140 on 1998/05/23 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Fix type in

Change 139 on 1998/05/23 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Moved code to generate into

Change 136 on 1998/05/19 by <> (Graham Barr)

	Changed to use cpp to locate constants
	Added t/errno.t