Some issues left to take care of:

  o sane ~ handling on non-Unix platforms

     Currently on non-Unix, when the glob code encounters a tilde glob
     (.e.g ~user/foo or ~/.cshrc), it simply returns that pattern
     without doing any expansion (meaning perl will weed it out since a
     file of that name isn't likely to exist).

     Please, if you have strong feelings about how tilde expansion
     should be done on your favorite non-Unix platform(s), submit a

  o path separator handling

     Guido's code contains the assumption that the path separator is one
     character (byte, probably) in length.  Win32 doesn't object to the
     true slash as a separator.  I imagine MacPerl could change the SEP
     cpp #define to ":".  I have no idea what it is for VMS.  Again, if
     you have ideas and especially patches, please feel free to share