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Adam Kennedy
Xtract - Take any data source and deliver it to the world
Xtract::Column in lib/Xtract/Column.pm
Xtract::LZMA in lib/Xtract/LZMA.pm
Xtract::Publish in lib/Xtract/Publish.pm
Xtract::Scan in lib/Xtract/Scan.pm
Xtract::Scan::mysql in lib/Xtract/Scan/mysql.pm
Xtract::Scan::SQLite in lib/Xtract/Scan/SQLite.pm
Xtract::Table in lib/Xtract/Table.pm
Changes for version 0.16
    • Migrating all code from ->fill to ->create_table
    • Completed refactoring to only use the driver API for scanning

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