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Yanick Champoux
Dancer::Cookbook - a quick-start guide to the Dancer web framework
Dancer::Deployment - common ways to put your Dancer app into use
Dancer::Development - guide for developers interested in contributing
Dancer::Development::Integration - guide for Dancer's core-team members
Dancer::Introduction - A gentle introduction to Dancer
Dancer::Plugins - interesting plugins to add to Dancer's capabilities
Dancer::Tutorial - An example to get you dancing
dancer - helper script to create new Dancer applications
Dancer - lightweight yet powerful web application framework
Dancer::Config - how to configure Dancer to suit your needs
Dancer::Config::Object - Access the config via methods instead of hashrefs
Dancer::Cookie - class representing cookies
Dancer::Cookies - a singleton storage for all cookies
Dancer::Deprecation - handle deprecation messages
Dancer::Engine - base class for Dancer engines
Dancer::Error - class for representing fatal errors
Dancer::Exception - class for throwing and catching exceptions
Dancer::Exception::Base - the base class of all Dancer exceptions
Dancer::FileUtils - helper providing file utilities
Dancer::HTTP - helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer
Dancer::Handler::Debug - a debug handler for easy tracing
Dancer::Handler::PSGI - a PSGI handler for Dancer applications
Dancer::Hook - Class to manipulate hooks with Dancer
Dancer::Hook::Properties - Properties attached to a hook
Dancer::Logger - common interface for logging in Dancer
Dancer::Logger::Abstract - Abstract logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::Logger::Capture - Capture dancer logs
Dancer::Logger::Capture::Trap - a place to store captured Dancer logs
Dancer::Logger::Console - console-based logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::Logger::Diag - Test::More diag() logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::Logger::File - file-based logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::Logger::Note - Test::More note() logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::Logger::Null - blackhole-like silent logging engine for Dancer
Dancer::MIME - Singleton object to handle MimeTypes
Dancer::ModuleLoader - dynamic module loading helpers for Dancer core components
Dancer::Object - Objects base class for Dancer
Dancer::Object::Singleton - Singleton base class for Dancer
Dancer::Plugin - helper for writing Dancer plugins
Dancer::Plugin::Ajax - a plugin for adding Ajax route handlers
Dancer::Request - interface for accessing incoming requests
Dancer::Request::Upload - class representing file uploads requests
Dancer::Response - Response object for Dancer
Dancer::Route::Cache - route caching mechanism for Dancer
Dancer::Serializer - serializer wrapper for Dancer
Dancer::Serializer::JSON - serializer for handling JSON data
Dancer::Serializer::Mutable - (De)Serialize content using the appropriate HTTP header
Dancer::Serializer::XML - serializer for handling XML data
Dancer::Serializer::YAML - serializer for handling YAML data
Dancer::Session - session engine for the Dancer framework
Dancer::Session::Abstract - abstract class for session engine
Dancer::Session::Simple - in-memory session backend for Dancer
Dancer::Session::YAML - YAML-file-based session backend for Dancer
Dancer::Template - template wrapper for Dancer
Dancer::Template::Abstract - abstract class for Dancer's template engines
Dancer::Template::Simple - pure Perl 5 template engine for Dancer
Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit - Template Toolkit wrapper for Dancer
Dancer::Test - Test helpers to test a Dancer application
Dancer::Timer - a timer for Dancer
Dancer::App in lib/Dancer/App.pm
Dancer::Continuation in lib/Dancer/Continuation.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Halted in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Halted.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route::ErrorSent in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route/ErrorSent.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route::FileSent in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route/FileSent.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Forwarded in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Forwarded.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Passed in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Passed.pm
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Templated in lib/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Templated.pm
Dancer::Factory::Hook in lib/Dancer/Factory/Hook.pm
Dancer::GetOpt in lib/Dancer/GetOpt.pm
Dancer::Handler in lib/Dancer/Handler.pm
Dancer::Handler::Standalone in lib/Dancer/Handler/Standalone.pm
Dancer::Renderer in lib/Dancer/Renderer.pm
Dancer::Route in lib/Dancer/Route.pm
Dancer::Route::Registry in lib/Dancer/Route/Registry.pm
Dancer::Serializer::Abstract in lib/Dancer/Serializer/Abstract.pm
Dancer::Serializer::Dumper in lib/Dancer/Serializer/Dumper.pm
Dancer::SharedData in lib/Dancer/SharedData.pm
Changes for version 1.3114
    • GH #724: app.pl obeys --confdir. (Yanick Champoux)
    • GH #927: logging format using 'h' now play nicely if no header present. (ironcamel)
    • GH #922: Add example of request parameters. (Gabor Szabo)
    • Add scheme line for ngnix config in D::Deployment.
    • GH #919: 'dancer' script exits with code 255 if application name is invalid. (ppisar)
    • GH #871: now recognize HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO. (mlbarrow)
    • GH #926: make messages from fatal warnings show up in the logs. (Max Maischein)
    • GH #930: speed improvement. (ichesnokov)
    • GH #859: strip illegal characters from cookie name. (Colin Keith)
    • GH #924: non-'/' apps behind proxies now possible using 'request-base' header. (Mikolaj Kucharski)

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