Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit - Template Toolkit wrapper for Dancer


This class is an interface between Dancer's template engine abstraction layer and the Template module.

This template engine is recomended for production purposes, but depends on the Template module.

In order to use this engine, use the template setting:

    template: template_toolkit

This can be done in your config.yml file or directly in your app code with the set keyword.

Note that by default, Dancer configures the Template::Toolkit engine to use <% %> brackets instead of its default [% %] brackets. This can be changed within your config file - for example:

    template: template_toolkit
            start_tag: '[%'
            stop_tag: '%]'

You can also add any options you would normally add to the Template module's initialization. You could, for instance, enable saving the compiled templates:

            COMPILE_DIR: 'caches/templates'
            COMPILE_EXT: '.ttc'

By default, Template is used, but you can configure Dancer to use a subclass with the subclass option.

            subclass: My::Template

WRAPPER, META variables, SETs

Dancer already provides a WRAPPER-like ability, which we call a "layout". The reason we do not use TT's WRAPPER (which also makes it incompatible with it) is because not all template systems support it. Actually, most don't.

However, you might want to use it, and be able to define META variables and regular Template::Toolkit variables.

These few steps will get you there:

  • Disable the layout in Dancer

    You can do this by simply commenting (or removing) the layout configuration in the config.yml file.

  • Use Template Toolkit template engine

    Change the configuration of the template to Template Toolkit:

        # in config.yml
        template: "template_toolkit"
  • Tell the Template Toolkit engine who's your wrapper

        # in config.yml
        # ...
                WRAPPER: layouts/

Done! Everything will work fine out of the box, including variables and META variables.


Dancer, Template


This module has been written by Alexis Sukrieh


This module is free software and is released under the same terms as Perl itself.