2012-04-15 version 0.19

	* POD typo fix. (patch by Salvatore Bonaccorso) [RT72600]
	* Don't use deprecated shared memory mode (patch by Adam Benjamin)
	* Log format. (pointed out by Adam Benjamin)
	* command output parsing for newer gnupg (patch by Adam Benjamin)

2011-11-21  version 0.18 

	* encrypt() now accept many recipients. [RT71127]
	* new() doesn't die if 'homedir' isn't writeable. 
		[RT568] (bug reported by Mark Stosberg)

2010-05-25  version 0.17 Mark Frost

    * Applied a patch written by Niko Tyni to fix a hanging issue discovered by Salvatore Bonaccorso in chroot environments.

2010-04-19  version 0.16 Mark Frost

    * Fixed a hanging issue that came up under certain scenarios. 

2010-04-19  version 0.15 Mark Frost

    * Added some quotes whose absence was causing one of the original tests to fail. 

2010-04-16  version 0.14 Mark Frost

    * Fixed an endless read-wait scenario introduced in 0.13

2010-04-16  version 0.13 Mark Frost

    * Catching up some outstanding changes I left out in releases 11 and 12

2010-02-03  version 0.12 Mark Frost

    * This release is merely some documentation fixes

2010-01-27  version 0.11 Mark Frost

    * The module should now properly handle the situation where a key is 
    setup with a blank passphrase, as long as passphrase => undef is provided 
    (or left out)
    * Fixed an issue where STDIN and STDOUT cannot be overridden in an 
    Apache environment. 

2009-05-07  version 0.10 Robbie Bow

    * Changes in 0.09_0{1-3} being released in to the wild proper.
    * Includes fixes that should resolve these RT tickets:
        * 6563
        * 6562
        * 4957
        * 1364
      (which are all variations on the same two themes)

2009-05-07  version 0.09_03 Robbie Bow

    * Dev release - Fix import_key to expect correct response;
    fix encrypt to expect correct response (both running against
    gnupg 1.4.6); use Test::More for tests

2009-05-06  version 0.09_02 Robbie Bow

    * Dev release - update $VERSION in GnuPG.pm to see
    cpantesters reports

2009-05-06  version 0.09_01 Robbie Bow

    * Dev release that cargo cults the numerous fixes Debian
    maintainers have added since the last release.
    See debian/chnagelog for more details

2001-05-23  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@Contre.COM>

	* GnuPG.pm (run_gnupg): Use package name for the constant.

2001-05-21  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@Contre.COM>

	* GnuPG.pm (sign): Check for invalid passphrase. (Thanks
	to Park Hays for reporting this).

	* GnuPG/Tie/Sign.pm (run_gnupg): Updates for new tie

	* GnuPG/Tie/Encrypt.pm (run_gnupg): Updates for new tie

	* GnuPG/Tie/Decrypt.pm (run_gnupg,postread_hook,postwrite_hook):
	Updates for new tie implementation.
	(signature) Returns the signature info of the decryption.

	* GnuPG/Tie/ClearSign.pm (run_gnupg): Updates for new tie

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm: Removed fork. Tie interface doesn't use another
	process anymore.

	* test.pl: Made tests to run and tracing controllable via
	environment variables.

	* GnuPG.pm (send_passphrase): Added check for USERID_HINT from
	gnupg 1.0.5
	(run_gnupg): Close all file descriptors except stdin, stdout,
	stderr and status fd.
	(decrypt,decrypt_postread,decrypt_postwrite): Factored decrypt
	process for tie interface.
	(VERSION): Updated version number to 0.08

	* GnuPG/Tie/Sign.pm: New Sign tie mode.

	* GnuPG/Tie/ClearSign.pm: New ClearSign tie mode.

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm (POD): Fix untie example in documentation.

2000-08-15  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* Tag: GNUPG_0_07

	* GnuPG.spec: Updated for version 0.07.

	* NEWS: Updated for version 0.07.

	* README: Updated for version 0.07.

	* GnuPG.pm (VERSION): Updated version number to 0.07.
	(run_gnupg): Close the fh ref not its file descriptor.

	* test.pl: Added tests for encryption and decryption
	to a file reference / pipe.

2000-08-07  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* Tag: GNUPG_0_06

	* GnuPG.spec: Updated spec file to use new macros.

	* GnuPG.pm (encrypt): Local user option wasn't working. (Thanks to
	Chris Andrews for the fix)
	(sign): Local user option wasn't working.
	(version):  Version number is now 0.06

2000-07-31  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* test.pl: Fixes description for decrypt_sign_test.

	* GnuPG.pm: Updated copyrigh notice.
	(check_sig): Ignore patent warnings. Thanks goes to
	Nuutti Kotivuori <nuutti.kotivuori@sonera.com> for spotting
	that bug.
	(decrypt): Fixes for gnupg 1.02 protocol changes.
	(import_keys): Fixes for gnupg 1.02 protocol changes.

	* README: Updated copyrigh notice.

	* gpgmailtunl: Updated copyrigh notice.

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm: Updated copyrigh notice.

	* GnuPG/Tie/Decrypt.pm: Updated copyrigh notice.

	* GnuPG/Tie/Encrypt.pm: Updated copyrigh notice.

2000-06-21  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* Tag: GNUPG_0_05

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm (TIEHANDLE): Removed file descriptor leaks.
	(READLINE) Handle array context properly.
	(getlines) Support paragraph mode.
	(CLOSE) Return true when process completes successfully.

	* test.pl: Added test for GnuPG::Tie paragraph mode.

	* GnuPG.pm: (version) Updated to version 0.05
	(run_gnupg) Removed file descriptor leaks. Use CORE::die
	in case of errors.
	(read_from_status) Make sure that we are using newlin as

1999-12-06  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* Tag: GNUPG_0_04

	* NEWS:		    Added a news file.

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm(new): Make sure that pipes aren't closed after an
			    exec and that they are unbuffered. Also use
			    CORE::Exit(0) instead of exit(0) so that the
			    things works under mod_perl.
			    (version): Upgraded to version 0.04.

	* GnuPG.pm (new):   Specifying gnupg_path wasn't working properly.
			    When gpg isn't found in PATH print the content
			    of PATH in the error message.
			    (run_gnupg): /dev/null wasn't open for
			    writing. Use CORE::exit(1) so that the
			    function still works under mod_perl.

1999-11-30  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* GnuPG.pm (pod):   Inserted a line before a =over line. Added
			    reference to documentation on tied file handle
			    (send_cpr): Removed undefined
			    warning when expecting an optional command and
			    receiving an EOF.
			    (run_gnupg): Check for valid file descriptor
			    when using file handle reference in input and
			    output redirection.
			    (version): Updated to version 0.03

	* test.pl:	    Added tests for tied file handle operations.
			    Changed output format of tests.

	* GnuPG/Tie/Decrypt.pm: Added encryption on a tied filehandle.

	* GnuPG/Tie/Encrypt.pm: Added decryption on a tied filehandle.

	* GnuPG/Tie.pm:	    Added abstract implementation for tied
			    filehandle operations on GnuPG.

1999-09-22  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* GnuPG.pm:	    Unloop single line for to support
			    perl 5.004. (Thanks to David E. Weekly)

	* gpgmailtunl:	    Insert blank line between =pod and
			    first header. This broke pod2man.
			    (Thanks to David E. Weekly)

1999-09-08  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* TAG:		    GNUPG_0_02

	* GnuPG.pm:	    Removed colons from tag names.

	* GnuPG.pm(run_gnupg): Handled input and output from
			    file handle correctly.

	* GnuPG.pm(abort_gnupg): Aborting now correctly throws
			    the error message.

	* gpgmailtunl:	    Added as sample program.

1999-09-05  Francis J. Lacoste  <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>

	* GnuPG.pm:  Release 0.01.