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Oliver Gorwits
YATG - Fast SNMP data poller daemon, with storage and graphing
YATG::Tutorial - A simple YATG tutorial
yatg-trim - A trim script to delete old data from yatg files.
RPC::Serialized::Handler::YATG::Retrieve - RPC handler for YATG::Retrieve::Disk
RPC::Serialized::Handler::YATG::Store - RPC handler for YATG::Store::Disk
YATG::Config - Configuration management for YATG
YATG::Retrieve::Disk - Retrieve a set of data stored by YATG::Store::Disk
YATG::Retrieve::RPC - Retrieve a set of polled data over the network
YATG::Store::Disk - Back-end module to store polled data to disk
YATG::Store::Memcached - Back-end module to store polled data to a Memcached
YATG::Store::NSCA - Back-end module to send polled data to a Nagios service
YATG::Store::RPC - Back-end module to store polled data over the network
YATG::Callback in lib/YATG/Callback.pm
YATG::SharedStorage in lib/YATG/SharedStorage.pm
YATG::Store::STDOUT in lib/YATG/Store/STDOUT.pm
Changes for version 5.140510
    • Support dbi_community_query to retrieve known community strings from a DB

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