$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.4 1998/09/08 12:22:41 kas Exp $

This is a ChangeLog file for the Modem::Vgetty Perl module.

Tue Sep 8 12:07:03 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Added the description of the callme.pl script to the manpage.
Fixed the spelling of the private variables in readnum() documentation.
Changed all occurences of L<something/chapter> to B<something(chapter)>
as suggested by Lupe Christoph. I think I need to read the "POD" manual
once more :-)
Added the short "how-to-run-it" information at the top of the
Added the exact CPAN directory where this module is located to the README
(and to the cvsweb interface too).
Increased the version number to 0.03.

Tue Sep 8 11:42:06 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Fixed spelling of a local variables in readnum() and its co-routines.
This made the module usable with use strict again.

Sun Aug 23 21:40:08 CEST 1998 by kas

Added the readnum method to the module and its description to the
manual page (section Examples). Created the "examples" directory
as well as the two sample scripts in it.

Sun Aug 23 7:45:27 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Added a readnum routine to the examples in the POD. Still need to
create an examples/ directory. The readnum() should probably be
added to the main module as the Modem::Vgetty::readnum() method.

Mon Aug 3 11:40:39 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Changed the spelling in the second example; the Czech word "cesta" has
been changed to its English equivalent "path".

Wed Jul 22 13:27:29 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Fixed the docs of some event types (as suggested by Marc Eberhard):

Wed Jul 22 13:01:16 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Removed the ugly sleep(20) from the Quick Start example. This example
now uses SIGALRM instead.

Wed Jul 22 12:57:39 MET DST 1998 by kas 

Changed the primary location of the mgetty/vgetty sources to

Mon Jul 20 17:46:30 CEST 1998
Initial release.