2008-07-12  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-module-ap): Fix for ffap

	* lisp/compile-dwim.el (compile-dwim-compile, compile-dwim-run): Fix the modify time check.

2008-05-05  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lib/Emacs/PDE.pm: rename module name from PDE to Emacs::PDE

2008-05-03  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-project.el (pde-project-find-file): Using uniquified
	file name instead of full path. Idea comes from find-file-in-project.el

2008-04-30  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-project.el (pde-file-list-ignore-file): Add ignore file
	list for pde-project-find-file

2008-04-26  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-module-bounds): new function to detect
	perl module at point.

2008-04-23  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-project.el (pde-project-find-file): fix bug: use bind
	default-directory local instead of cd.

2008-04-20  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-yaml-dump, pde-yaml-load): Add commands
	for read or dump YAML data.

2008-04-19  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-project.el (pde-project-find-file): New command to find
	file in current project.

2008-04-13  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/compile-dwim.el (compile-dwim-alist): Make win32 happy.

	* lisp/tree-mode.el (tree-mode-button-current-line): fixed it

2008-04-01  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/compile-dwim.el (compile-dwim-calculate-command): Test
	whether current file name is changed when generate new commands.
	(compile-dwim-calculate-command): Make compile-dwim recache when
	change file name

2008-03-19  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/re-builder-x.el (reb-perl-start-process): coding system

	* lisp/tempo-x.el (tempo-x-insert-form): Barf when variable is not
	source before

2008-03-18  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/re-builder-x.el: New library for test regexp

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-read-module, perldoc-module-ap): find
	not module item, too

2008-03-11  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/inf-perl.el (inf-perl-set-cwd): echo working directory

2008-03-09  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-perl-mode-hook): Fix error message

	* Release PDE-v0.2.6

	* lisp/pde-abbv.el (pde-abbv-no-blank): Make some abbrev expand
	without insert whitespace.

2008-02-29  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-pod-to-manpage): Fix for search pod from point-min

2008-01-13  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-symbol-type): New function to distinct
	symbols in obarray. Change relate functions to use this.

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-apropos-module): New command

2008-01-06  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-compilation-buffer-name): fix bug: not 1 but 0

	* lisp/tempo-x.el (tempo-x-snippet-clear): fix bug: clear forms
	when source overlay is deleted

2008-01-01  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/compile-dwim.el and others: change defvar to defcustom

	* lisp/doc/pde.texi (perlcritic): Add docuemnt for perlcritic

2007-12-31  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-ffap-locate): make ffap-highlight correct region

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-module-ap): recache if the thing at
	point like a module

	* lisp/perlcritic.el: add perlcritic.el

	* lisp/perltidy.el (perltidy-region): check perltidy

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-compilation-buffer-name): Use mode name to
	create buffer.

2007-12-30  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-search-cpan): New command

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc): add a parameter for module convert

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-list-core-modules): fix for view "open"

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-module-ap): Handle name like package::sub.
	(perldoc-locate-module): locate pod also.
	(perldoc): support for encoding

	* lisp/pde-load.el ("ffap"): let pde-ffap-locate handle everywhere

	* lisp/tree-mode.el (tree-mode-toggle-expand-node): A notify
	function to toggle expanding tree

	* lisp/pde-abbv.el: Add pde-abbv.el

	* lisp/tempo-x.el: Add tempo-x.el

2007-12-29  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-tree-widget): click on toplevel button
	toggle expand node.

	* lisp/contrib/tabbar.el: Move tabbar to contrib directory

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-tree-theme): Add option for
	perldoc-tree theme

	* Build.PL (ACTION_fakeinstall): add fakeinstall action for elisp file.
	(ACTION_disthtml): change action html to disthtml, so make will success.

2007-12-28  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* Build.PL: use create_makefile_pl to create Makefile.PL. Thanks
	Michael G Schwern for give the suggestion.

2007-12-27  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* lisp/tree-mode.el (tree-mode-toggle-expand): new command
	available for expand and contract node

	* lisp/pde-load.el (pde-extra-setting): don't use nconc, too

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-perl-mode-hook): Use
	executable-make-buffer-file-executable-if-script-p instead of

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-init): New function to init obarray

	* lib/PDE.pm: Mention other emacs libraries and Perl modules

	* lisp/pde.el (pde-pod-to-manpage): using pde-file-package to
	detect module name.
	(pde-tabbar-register): make function autoload so you can use
	perldoc-tree without enter cperl-mode

	* lisp/template-simple.el (define-template-expander): Easy to
	define new expand function.

	* lisp/perldoc.el (perldoc-pragam-expand): fix typo

	* lisp/template-simple.el (template-kill-ring-save): A command
	help write template in string
	(template-compile): Not handle list of element now
	(template-expand-function): Default function is
	template-tempo-expand now.

	* lisp/templates/TEMPLATE.el.tpl: Change file name in case
	somebody put this to library and become a library TEMPLATE.el.

	* lisp/template-simple.el (template-skeleton-expand)
	(template-tempo-expand): Fix bugs introduced

	* lisp/pde-util.el (pde-generate-loaddefs): For automatic create

	* lisp/pde-load.el (pde-extra-setting): Make transient-mark-mode
	default turn on

2007-12-26  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* First Release!