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Graham Ollis
yars - Yet Another RESTful-Archive Service
yars_disk_scan - scan a disk for corruption and report corrupt files to stdout
yars_fast_balance - Fix all files
yars_generate_diskmap - generate a mapping from servers + hosts to buckets for yars.
Yars - Yet Another RESTful-Archive Service
Yars::Command::yars_disk_scan - code for yars_disk_scan
Yars::Command::yars_fast_balance - code for yars_fast_balance
Yars::Command::yars_generate_diskmap - code for yars_generate_diskmap
Yars::Routes - set up the routes for Yars.
Yars::Tools - various utility functions dealing with servers, hosts, etc
Changes for version 1.00
    • more robust checking for t/40_hostfail.t

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