Changes for version 0.05222 - 2010-11-30

  • the first release at CPAN


bash front-end for Treex::Core::Run
running TrEd customized for browsing treex files


abstract ancestor for document readers
abstract ancestor for document readers
Special block for checking undef attributes
Special block for evaluating code given by parameters.
interface to linguistic structures and processing units in Treex
the basic data-processing unit in the Treex framework
zone in a bundle containing a sentence and its linguistic representations
shorten the "use" part of your Perl codes
centralized info about Treex configuration
document zone for the text attribute
representation of a text and its linguistic analyses in the Treex framework
interface for all document readers
logger tailored for the needs of Treex
a larger Treex processing unit (composed of the basic treex processing units - blocks)
visualization of Treex files in TrEd


in lib/Treex/Core/
in lib/Treex/Core/