bash front-end for Treex::Core::Run
running TrEd customized for browsing treex files


Natural Language Processing framework
abstract ancestor for document readers
abstract ancestor for document readers
Special block for checking undef attributes
Special block for evaluating code given by parameters.
interface to linguistic structures and processing units in Treex
the basic data-processing unit in the Treex framework
a set of equivalent sentences in the Treex framework
contains a sentence and its linguistic representations
shorten the "use" part of your Perl codes
centralized info about Treex configuration
document zone for the text attribute
representation of a text and its linguistic analyses in the Treex framework
interface for all document readers
helper class for iterating over filenames
logger tailored for the needs of Treex
smallest unit that holds information in Treex
Access to shared resources
a larger Treex processing unit, composed of blocks
visualization of Treex files in TrEd
I/O backend for opening .streex files in TrEd
Common methods related to TredView
Labels of tree nodes in Tred
Styling of trees in Tred (how they look)
Layout of trees in Tred
Browsing valency lexicons
types used in Treex framework
role for arbitrary attributes of Treex objects
base class for Zones


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in lib/Treex/Core/DocumentReader/
in lib/Treex/Core/DocumentReader/
in lib/Treex/Core/
in lib/Treex/Core/
in lib/Treex/Core/TredView/
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