version 0.009; 2013-08-25

  * update for perl 5.19.3's tracking of the last named item in a pad

version 0.008; 2013-08-17

  * update for perl 5.17.4's new pad API

  * update for perl 5.17.5's new arrangement for PL_compcv with BEGIN

  * in documentation, refer to the new module Scalar::Construct

version 0.007; 2012-02-04

  * bugfix: preserve referential identity of named constant scalars on
    threading Perl builds

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Lexical::SealRequireHints (for
    compatibility with early-loaded and invoke it earlier
    to make sure it takes effect in time

  * in documentation, note the problems that threading Perls have with
    objects originating from source literals

  * in documentation, note that the problem with eval/require/do inside
    a BEGIN block is fixed in Perl 5.15.5

  * in documentation, note that constant scalars participate in constant

  * fix an outdated documentation note about bareword subroutine calls

  * in documentation, tweak description of intended users

  * additional tests regarding const ops, constant folding, and object
    identity preservation

  * additional tests for the Lexical::Sub interface

  * in Build.PL, declare incompatibility with pre-0.19
    B::Hooks::OP::Check, which doesn't play nicely around op check hooking

  * reorganise some of the test suite

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

  * sort MANIFEST

version 0.006; 2011-07-27

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Lexical::SealRequireHints (for
    working around [perl #73174])

  * in documentation, note problem with indirect object syntax and
    lexical subroutines

  * include META.json in distribution

  * add MYMETA.json to .cvsignore

version 0.005; 2011-02-27

  * port to Perl 5.13.10, where the value of PAD_MAX has changed

  * in XS, use gv_stashpvs() wherever appropriate

  * in XS, use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT for efficiency

  * in XS, declare "PROTOTYPES: DISABLE" to prevent automatic generation
    of unintended prototypes

  * jump through hoops to avoid compiler warnings

  * use full stricture in test suite

  * in test suite, make all numeric comparisons against $] stringify it
    first, to avoid architecture-dependent problems with floating point
    rounding giving it an unexpected numeric value

  * in Build.PL, complete declaration of configure-time requirements

version 0.004; 2010-04-11

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Lexical::SealRequireHints (for
    passing package through to required code in pure-Perl version of

  * in XS, use macros to avoid explicit passing of aTHX, in the manner
    of the core

  * add Lexical::Import to "see also" list

  * add MYMETA.yml to .cvsignore

version 0.003; 2010-01-11

  * fully support bareword subroutine references on Perl 5.11.2 and later

  * in XS, avoid using "class" as a variable name, for compatibility
    with C++ compilers

  * correct data type for the PAD_MAX constant

  * in Build.PL, explicitly declare configure-time requirements

version 0.002; 2009-10-26

  * port to Perl 5.11.0, supporting the addition of first-class regexp
    objects (which are actually a type of scalar) and the removal of
    the distinct RV type

  * where the compilation %^H and PL_compcv are unavailable due to string
    eval or similar, detect this earlier and regardless of the type of
    item being set up (previously it was not detected for subroutines
    or globs)

  * when a lexical scalar has readonly value, generate a const op instead
    of the usual rv2sv

  * document the problem of %^H and PL_compcv being unavailable due to
    string eval

  * preserve op flags when building new rv2Xv ops; this doesn't seem to
    matter in any currently achievable situation, but will be required
    for bareword subroutine references in the future

  * in XS, properly parenthesise some macro definitions

  * test writability of lexical variables

  * in t/error.t, check for unexpected warnings

  * add experimental code, all disabled, to support bareword subroutine
    references on a suitably modified Perl core

version 0.001; 2009-09-30

  * bugfix: make array and hash indexing work

  * bugfix: avoid core checks that would reject use of a glob as a
    scalar value

  * bugfix: avoid modifying the reference stored in the hint hash (which
    happened through reusing it in const ops)

  * bugfix: repair a reference leak in unimportation

  * bugfix: change a memNE() to strnNE(), to avoid reading off the end
    of a string

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Lexical::SealRequireHints (for
    fixes around usability of its pure-Perl implementation)

  * port to pre-5.10 Perls

  * more tests: Lexical::Sub, array and hash variables, glob variables,
    acceptability of value types for references to lexical variables,
    erroneous invocation of import and unimport

  * in XS, add some casts to avoid compiler warnings

  * check for required Perl version at runtime

version 0.000; 2009-09-23

  * initial released version