version 0.009; 2018-01-31

  * split the ->data_files method into separate ->source_data_files and
    ->zic_input_files to cover the two data file roles of human editing
    and machine parsing, with the ->data_files method itself deprecated
    and only yielding a result when it serves both roles simultaneously

  * when extracting source data file names from the Olson makefile,
    handle changes in the makefile rules expected to be seen from version
    2018d onwards

  * munge internal uuencoded data to avoid older versions of Pod modules
    interpreting it as Pod markup

  * slightly refactor a regexp used for extracting source data file names

version 0.008; 2018-01-19

  * bugfix: in the ->new_from_local_source constructor, don't get confused
    by a source directory whose supplied name begins with "-"

  * when extracting data file names from the Olson makefile, handle
    changes in the makefile rules from version 2018b onwards

  * when downloading database version 2016g or later, use the new
    tzdb.tar.lz rather than tz{code,data}.tar.gz

  * don't put downloaded tarballs in the same directory as the unpacked
    Olson source

  * when downloading database version 2016g or later, check PGP signatures
    on downloaded files

  * when downloading database version 2016g or later, check that the
    downloaded file is the version we think we're downloading, by looking
    at the "version" file in the tarball

  * when downloading database versions prior to 2016g, check the SHA-512
    hash of the downloaded files against known hashes, except for a
    handful of files for which no hash is currently known

  * correctly handle the desynchronised version numbers for code and
    data parts of the database that occurred from 1993 to 2012

  * handle the special-case filename for version 2006b of the code part
    of the database

  * when downloading a specified version of the database, request the
    correct files directly, rather than listing the whole directory

  * when determining the latest version of the database, request listing
    of only recent database distributions, rather than listing the
    whole directory

  * fix the style of an error message

  * take full advantage of GNU tar and GNU make facilities, having
    started to rely on GNU tar to handle tzdb.tar.lz

  * restructure calls to external commands to avoid the need for shell

version 0.007; 2017-10-23

  * when extracting data file names from the Olson makefile, handle the
    new way in which the data file names are handled there from version
    2017c onwards

  * check for required Perl version at runtime

  * in documentation, use four-column indentation for all verbatim

  * in META.{yml,json}, point to public bug tracker

  * support author test through Build interface

version 0.006; 2017-07-17

  * when invoking make in the Olson distribution directory, suppress
    rebuilding of the version file, to cope with copies of the
    distribution in which timestamps have been mangled, or which are git
    working directories for projects other than the Olson database, or
    from which some version-contributing files (such as the copyrighted
    ones) have been omitted

version 0.005; 2017-07-16

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Net::FTP

  * accept non-ASCII UTF-8 strings in, seen from tzdata
    version 2015e onwards, consequently increasing the Perl version
    requirement to 5.8

  * avoid unescaped brace in regexp, which is deprecated starting in
    Perl 5.21.1

  * in documentation, indicate that the ->new_from_local_source
    constructor accepts multiple attribute parameters

  * new author test to try out the module's actual functionality (not
    automatically run due to dependence on network and on the content
    of the latest Olson distribution)

  * no longer include a Makefile.PL in the distribution

version 0.004; 2012-07-20

  * switch to new official repository, <>

version 0.003; 2012-03-19

  * new constructor ->new_from_local_source to support working with
    locally-modified Olson source

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

version 0.002; 2011-10-09

  * with elsie down due to legal action, use instead the new de facto
    canonical repository, <>

  * new methods ->code_version and ->data_version to retrieve the version
    numbers of the two parts of the distribution independently

  * abandon support for HTTP-based archive, instead using the archive
    on the same FTP site as the current version (which munnari supplies
    but elsie didn't)

  * handle archived versions with two-digit year and those compressed with
    compress rather than gzip

  * include META.json in distribution

  * add MYMETA.json to .cvsignore

version 0.001; 2010-11-18

  * accept a tzcode version number that is lower than the available
    tzdata version number on elsie

version 0.000; 2010-08-31

  * initial released version