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Revision history for AnyEvent-SOCKS-Client

0.051	2.09.2021

	Guard must not trigger c_cb.
	Guard is returned in any non-void context instead of scalar only.

0.05	2.09.2021

	Bugs 139048, 139162, 139160:
	Destruction performed manually before successful c_cb call because of global destructor called only after c_cb termination (may be long-running).
	Useful guard returned - because we may want to cancel connection.

	Proxy input validation and some code re-arrangements.

0.04	28.08.2021

	SOCKS4/4a support

0.03	28.08.2021

	Bug 139048:
	Destructor is properly called now. Removed unnecessary undefs. Likely fixed.

	Bug 139050:
	Added sq. brackets trimming to _parse_uri, likely fixed.

	Feature request 139049:
	Added timeout for initial connection to proxy server.
	Timeout is only used when no prepare_cb passed to proxied function, so you can fine-tune initial connection.

	TYPE_IP4 and TYPE_IP6 in connect_cmd because IP6 doesn't work as FQDN.
	It's only used when host is already valid IP4 or IP6 address (no local DNS resolution).

0.02    10.08.2021
	Bugs 131658 and 129330 fixed.

0.01    08.03.2018
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.