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Joel Berger
Menu.pl - example shell plugin
cpan.pl - example shell application
word_expansion.pl - example source script
zoid - a modular perl shell
zoidbuiltins - Zoidberg's builtins
zoiddevel - Development documentation for zoid
zoidfaq - Frequently Asked Questions about Zoidberg
zoiduser - Extended user documentation for zoid
Bundle::Zoidberg - A bundle to install the zoidberg shell
Zoidberg - A modular perl shell
Zoidberg::Contractor - Module to manage jobs
Zoidberg::DispatchTable - Class to tie dispatch tables
Zoidberg::Fish - Base class for loadable Zoidberg plugins
Zoidberg::Fish::Commands - Zoidberg plugin with builtin commands
Zoidberg::Fish::Intel - Completion plugin for Zoidberg
Zoidberg::Fish::Log - History and log plugin for Zoidberg
Zoidberg::Fish::ReadLine - Readline glue for zoid
Zoidberg::PluginHash - Magic plugin loader
Zoidberg::Shell - A scripting interface to the Zoidberg shell
Zoidberg::StringParser - Simple string parser
Zoidberg::Utils - An interface to zoid's utility libs
Zoidberg::Utils::Error - OO error handling
Zoidberg::Utils::FileSystem - Filesystem routines
Zoidberg::Utils::GetOpt - Yet another GetOpt module
Zoidberg::Utils::Output - Zoidberg output routines
Zoidberg::Eval in lib/Zoidberg.pm
Zoidberg::Job in lib/Zoidberg/Contractor.pm
Zoidberg::Job::builtin in lib/Zoidberg/Contractor.pm
Zoidberg::SettingsHash in lib/Zoidberg.pm
Zoidberg::Shell::JobsArray in lib/Zoidberg/Shell.pm
Zoidberg::Utils::Output::Scalar in lib/Zoidberg/Utils/Output.pm
Changes for version 0.981
    • use documented File::Glob::bsd_glob rather than the removed F::G::doglob

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