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Changes for version 2.26

  • BUGFIX / INCOMPAT: Remove "fileno" and "umask" from the list of CORE subs protected by autodie and Fatal. When they return undef, it is not a failure.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an error that could occur during global destruction of the form "(in cleanup) Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at .../autodie/Scope/GuardStack.pm line 48 during global destruction" (Thanks to Dave Rolsky).
  • BUGFIX: The open-pragma is now properly ignored when open is given an explicit layer. This brings autodie protected open in sync with open. Thanks to Gregory Oschwald and Graham Knop for the report + test case and the patch. (GH#52 + GH#53)
  • BUGFIX: Hide the "SCALAR" (buffer) argument in the string representation of autodie::exception for the read, sysread and syswrite CORE subs. This is to avoid a dump of binary data to the screen/log when a (sys)read or syswrite fails.
  • FEATURE: Let autodie::exception work in equality tests and string comparison via "overload fallback". (Thanks to Michael G. Schwern)
  • DOC: Mention that "kill" is in the ":ipc" category. It has been there since autodie v2.14. (Thanks to Felipe Gasper for reporting it, RT#97320).
  • INTERNAL: Use "parent" instead of "base" for inheritance. Also avoid some @ISA relationships that were redundant. Either truly redundant ones or by importing "import" from Exporter v5.57.
    • This change implies that perl 5.8 users must now also fetch "parent" from cpan. (Thanks to Olivier MenguĂ©, GH#59)
  • DEVEL / TEST: The autodie module now accepts an undefined Fatal version, assuming it to be development version. Test cases that require versions are now either skipped or considered "release" test.
  • TEST / INTERNAL: Enabled travis-ci for Perl 5.20
  • TEST: Close temp file before re-opening in t/truncate.t. (Thanks to Craig A. Berry, RT#96609)
  • TEST: Pass O_TRUNC with O_CREAT to sysopen in t/utf8_open.t. (Thanks to Craig A. Berry, RT#87237)
  • TEST: Clean up temp file in t/truncate.t. (Thanks to Dave Mitchell, RT#100688)